Fujitsu General America Goes “All In” with Instructor Training in Vegas

April 17, 2019
Mini-split and multi-split technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the HVACR industry. These systems are being manufactured and installed at a blistering pace. There is a growing need for technicians that understand this technology that can service and install these systems.Fujitsu training session at the National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference in Las Vegas
Fujitsu General America understands that most HVACR instructors are seasoned professionals that may not have worked on these systems during their time in the field and are now being asked to teach them.  So, what is being done to address this need? Manufacturers like Fujitsu General America are conducting training classes across the country to arm technicians and instructors with the knowledge to be a part of the future.
Fujitsu General America, one of the leading manufactures of mini-split and multi-split systems, saw an opportunity to train those who are training the technicians of the future, by participating in the HVAC Excellence National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference. Understanding that industry leading instructors would be in attendance, this was an opportunity to maximize their training efforts. In doing so, nearly 800 individuals involved in training the current and future HVACR workforce gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada had an opportunity to interact with the Fujitsu General America training team.
Members of the Fujitsu General America team created and conducted three training sessions that were aimed at helping HVACR instructors to understand:
  • Advancements in mini- and multi-split technology
  • Mini-split, multi-zone system design
  • Features, concepts, and components that make mini-split systems unique
  • Incorporating this technology into a course curriculum
  • Teaching this technology to students
Instructors from HVAC Technical Schools that attended all three Fujitsu General America breakout sessions will be provided the opportunity to receive a special Mini-split instructional training package. They will be able to utilize the materials to provide valuable mini-split training to their students. A short series of live web trainings, testing and approved application remain to be completed. They will also receive Fujitsu reference material that includes worksheets, tables, charts, and manuals to aid in classroom instruction.  Instructors who complete the Fujitsu training, will benefit their students and the HVACR industry.
Today, our industry is faced with a major need for technicians qualified to work on high-tech mini- and multi-split inverter systems. The Training Department at Fujitsu General America is dedicating time and resources to the development of Technical School training materials. Fujitsu’s goal is to provide instructors with the educational tools necessary to help students gain and retain knowledge of a growing technology.