Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott

Guest Editorial: No Middle Ground

June 20, 2020
Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott
Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott

Developing and growing a country is like a marriage – it has to be worked on daily. If not, communication breaks down and the division between parties starts its downward spiral. As in marriage, a country needs a common goal to achieve. One can’t dominate the other and expect to survive; there has to be a middle ground. It’s not easy – as history shows, societies are hard to grow. Just like a farmer grows his crops, it takes a lot of love and hard work.

On the other hand, societies are fragile, sometimes hanging on by a thread, and are very easy to destroy. It’s like building a home – it takes lumber, love and hard work to put it all together for a place to live, but it can all be destroyed in a matter of minutes with the single strike of a match.

People are panicky emotional animals, I’m sorry to say, and seem to thrive off drama. Even when there is none, they make their own. Many in our country are living in an alternate reality and not using their common sense. We have become a society of blamers, not wanting to take responsibility for actions taken, but instead pointing fingers at everyone else. We all have to pay for our sins and misdeeds, and sometimes the price is high, with many not being able to write that check.

Before you go pointing your finger, go take a hard look in the mirror at yourself first. You might or might not like what you see. As a child one of the first things I learned was Rule #1, the Golden Rule. For those who have forgotten, let me remind you: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” words to live by in a society.

Keep the Faith!