Perfect Technician Academy veteran training

HVAC Trade School Making Pandemic Lemonade Expands Capacity to Train Veterans During Mandated Closure

May 05, 2020

Perfect Technician Academy (PTA) is making pandemic lemonade.

Despite all trade schools being closed by executive order, PTA has been renovating its building to double its student capacity.  When PTA reopens, students will enjoy better training facilities as they pursue careers as Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians.

Perfect Technician Academy veteran trainingThe PTA staff would have been furloughed without the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which allowed PTA to retain its personnel to upgrade the Academy while maintaining safeguards to prevent illness.

Marine veteran and Lead Instructor Brian Hobson said in a statement:

“This virus has been a whole truckload of lemons, but we’re making lemonade.  The Paycheck Protection Program kept us from having layoffs, mainly because we had such good turnaround time on the PPP funds.  We applied on Friday and had the money the next Thursday.

“We’ve been so busy training people to meet the demand for good HVAC technicians that we didn’t have the time to do this kind of expansion.  When we reopen we’ll be training twice as many students, many of them veterans, and that’ll help us put more people in good jobs as we support the nation’s economic recovery.

“We like to train Vets whenever we can.  We help them develop skills for good long-term jobs, and employers know that veterans make some of their best employees.  It also helps vets take care of their families and transition back to civilian life.  As a veteran, I think it’s a win-win all around.

“If you listen to the mainstream media, you’d think the government has done a bad job protecting businesses and schools.  That’s just not true,” said PTA President Brett Hobson.  “President Trump supports small businesses, and the PPP proves it.  Thank God for our President and his leadership during this crisis.”

Perfect Technician Academy trains service technicians for positions with partners nationwide.  PTA is authorized to provide career education by the Texas Workforce Commission and is a GI-Bill approved trade school. Located in Weatherford, TX, the Academy is well known for training transitioning veterans for a lifelong career in the air conditioning and heating industry.

For more information on Perfect Technician Academy, go to or find them on Facebook and Instagram @perfecttechacademy.