HVAC Excellence HVACR Accreditation Manual

HVACR Program Standards Update

February 12, 2021
HVAC Excellence HVACR Accreditation ManualHVAC Excellence is pleased to announce the release of their 2021 HVACR programmatic accreditation standards manual. The publication of this document is in accordance with the organization’s commitment to conducting annual reviews of the educational standards that have been widely accepted in the HVACR industry. This document has been prepared and approved by members of HVAC Excellence’s accreditation review board, in conjunction with a panel of industry stakeholders.
The accreditation review board, comprised of subject matter experts, experienced HVACR instructors, and school administrators, meets annually to evaluate the alignment of existing standards to changes and trends in education, legislation, and industry requirements. The 2021 version of the accreditation standards manual reflects the proposed and agreed upon changes that were brought up during the review board’s fall 2020 meeting. As part of the review process, the board also worked to improve the readability and ensure the spirit of the standards are clearly defined.
HVAC Excellence undergoes this comprehensive process on an annual basis to ensure its educational standards are clearly stated, comprehensive, and meeting the ever-changing needs of our industry. This process is absolutely required if the high standards associated with programmatic accreditation are to be maintained.
A copy of the new HVACR Accreditation Manual, and standards, can be viewed by visiting https://www.escogroup.org/hvac/, and clicking the accreditation link.