Pete Gardner

The Inside SEER: Helping During the Pandemic

October 24, 2020

By Pete Gardner

As the months roll by this fall and winter, the pandemic might get worse and with the cold weather people will be stuck inside for the most part.   We all know by now that trying to stay safe and keeping our families virus free depends on how we pay attention to the science and what we need to do to stay virus free, for ourselves and our families.

Pete Gardner
Pete Gardner

That being said, we also can do things to help others, directly or indirectly. A few things that some people can do are:

Donate Blood

The critical need for blood is a given. Blood donations will be needed for an adequate supply. Giving blood is an essential activity and is exempt from Stay at Home orders.

Check In on Your Neighbors and Older People

You can call them, do a walk by and wave, talk from a 6 ft distance and ask how things are going.   It can lift their spirits, and you may find a way you can help along with making new friends.

Local Organizations

Check online for local organizations that would need your expertise or assistance in helping others.

Helping Seniors

Seniors may be the most isolated group during the pandemic. Check and see what groups you can join to see if you can call or assist in soothing the isolation that seniors are/will be experiencing.

Food Drives

We all have some food in our pantries that we might be able to spare. Donating food to some well known organizations is another way to help, especially in these times of joblessness and people struggling to make ends meet.

These are just a few ways my wife and I do/have thought of to assist people during the pandemic. I am sure there are many other ways to help.   Every little bit can make a difference.

Do what you can….it will make you feel better and also the people in need.