Pete Gardner

Inside Seer: Weather Conditions, Choices and the HVAC Industry

May 23, 2020

By Pete Gardner

For the last couple of months, especially in my area and practically the whole Mid Eastern Region, Carolinas, we have had an extraordinary amount of rain. Power outages and floods have been common. These kinds of conditions are starting to be normal with current global weather changes and while many people take for granted Indoor Climate Control Systems, in summer or winter, we genuinely miss them when they are not available.

Pete Gardner
Pete Gardner

Considered luxuries less than a half century ago, air-conditioned homes and businesses now are considered commonplace. Systems are varying in type, from central systems that provide air conditioning and heating for an entire home, to window units that are designed to cool one or two rooms. Engineers have also given us ductless split systems that are growing in use as an alternative to ducted systems. There are a wide range of choices available. So, in today’s world, Indoor Climate Control is both reasonable, more economic and an important part of a home or business.

Home air conditioning is necessary for many people. For those with allergies and breathing issues, air conditioning has become essential in order to live a comfortable and productive life.

Years ago, those with sensitivities and allergies, would have to endure the high pollen counts in the spring and late summer. Today they are able to escape those conditions with the use of air conditioning. What would it be like currently in hospitals without it? It might be hard to imagine working or living in an environment that doesn’t have air conditioning.

Consumers depend on the HVAC industry and its engineers to respond to the changing climate conditions technically, economically and environmentally. It is imperative that the HVAC industry continues to provide consumers with the best solutions for maintaining comfortable and clean surroundings. Also, cost and size considerations should be taken into account along with combining energy efficiency into the mix.

Moving forward we need to do more to educate the public on Climate Control Systems…. enough so that consumers can make the best choices for their needs and to help keep our environment healthy and comfortable. With the many choices available these days and cutting-edge technology in the industry, the choices we make can make a difference in our future and the environment.