Heat Pump Installer Survey 2020 Report
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Installer Growth Practices to be Examied by Heat Pump Installer Survey

October 23, 2020
  • Heat Pump Installer Survey 2020 ReportThe 2020 Heat Pump Installer Survey aims to help installers grow their business.
  • The results will identify the business practices that produce greater sales and competitiveness as well as which marketing activities are most profitable for installers.
  • The research also addresses installer-manufacturer relationships and installer needs.
  • All survey participants will be given access to a report with the results (available Q1 2021).
  • Installers can take the 7-minute survey anonymously at www.theheatpumpsurvey.com.

The 2020 Heat Pump Installer Survey launched this week seeks to identity the actions, choices and attitudes behind the more successful heat pump installers. The survey also examines the relationships between installers and manufacturers and how these can be improved.

Heat pump installers often face difficult decisions regarding how to grow their business. The study carried out by Texentric on behalf of TermoPlus heat pumps aims to help installers learn from what works best based on the experience of other installers around the world.

The anonymous online survey found at www.theheatpumpsurvey.com takes around 7 minutes to complete and will provide participants with access to the results when they are ready in Q1 2021.

“The next 30 years will be interesting times for the profession of heating, cooling and ventilation installers. The electrification of buildings, the road to zero emissions and even plus energy buildings and the impact of digitalization creates the need for modern skills. Knowing what drives installers to educate themselves has never been more important than today. Thus, the presented study needs all of our support.” Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of the European Heat Pump Association.

“Installers need better information to help guide their decisions now more than ever. Heat Pump installers share a lot of information in forums and groups like ours but there is little actionable information out there to help them make better decisions in shaping their business’s future” said Amit Chaudhari, manager of the LinkedIn HVAC Design Engineers group.

“Good business decisions are based on sound data. This survey aims to help installers grow their business by making better decisions. The survey also aims to make installers’ voices heard to us – the manufacturers.” explains Jure Šacer, CEO of TermoPlus heat pumps.

“The survey aims to provide answers to real questions that are burning installers. How do they compare against competing installers? What should they focus on to grow their business? What can their attitudes tell them about their chances of success?” said Nicolas Virtsonis, MD of Texentric.