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With COVID-19 Concerns, Contractors Adopt ProKeep Texting System

Brad Wilcox, VP of Operations at Johnstone Supply of Pensacola stated with Covid-19 concerns and ease of use, their customers have wholeheartedly accepted the ProKeep Texting System (texting designed for distributors). The service allows them to place orders remotely without going into the branches.

Brad Wilcox VP of the Johnstone Supply locations in Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Brad Wilcox VP of the Johnstone Supply locations in Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

ProKeep (www.prokeep.com) is a web-based solution that allows contractors to text photos, orders, questions and inquiries directly to the counter using a branch’s existing landline number. This service allows both the distributor and contractor to save time, be more efficient, and provides increased accountability. This system can be up and running in your locations in 5 minutes!

Think about how much you use texting in your daily life. Being able to text directly to your distributor will save time and money for both you and the distributor. The service to you the contractor is free and does not require you to download any app. Customers simply text the branch existing land line to get started. Again, no app to download by the customer and requires no changes to the existing phone system for the distributor.
Brad Wilcox finished by saying: “Our customers who use the service, love it. Our people talk all the time of how it helps them see model numbers, serial numbers, part numbers. When the customer takes a photograph, we all can see what is being talked about. We want more of our contractors to use the service.”

If you have any questions, give Brad a call or better yet, text him at: 850-436-2008.

Johnstone Supply of Pensacola, Florida is located at: 3900 North W Street. Johnstone Supply of Fort Walton Beach, Florida is located at: 117 Hollywood Blvd. NE. Text or call today!