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JJM Alkaline Technologies® Rolls Out New Wall-Mounted Condensate Neutralizer Solution

April 29, 2024

Next-generation V-200 model provides installation flexibility, enables quick and easy service

JJM V-200

Westfield, Massachusetts – JJM Alkaline Technologies®, a leading designer and manufacturer of condensate neutralizers, is pleased to introduce the V-200, the company’s next-generation vertical mount condensate neutralizer solution. The V-200 model is specifically designed for wall-hung condensing installations (i.e., wall-hung boilers and tankless water heaters) in single and multi-unit residential applications with limited available floor space. Through its purpose-built design, the wall-mounted V-200 from JJM® provides installation flexibility and enables fast and easy service to help installers and service technicians move on to their next job quicker.

The V-200 is the latest vertical wall-mounted condensate neutralizer solution from JJM® and improves upon the first-generation V-125 and V-250 models. Well-suited for wall-hung boilers and condensing tankless water heaters that are located in compact spaces, the V-200 provides installation flexibility with two optional outlet ports, enabling versatile outlet piping configuration. The innovative design of the new model makes it possible for technicians to service the device without having to disconnect any fittings or connections. They can replace the pH Power Pellets® (JJM®’s proprietary neutralizing media) with just one hand.
“At JJM®, we are committed to innovation and the process of continually improving our product offerings to ensure we are best serving the needs of installers and service technicians,” Kyle T. Emmons, President of JJM Alkaline Technologies® said. “That’s why we are excited to launch this next-generation vertical mount solution onto the market; the V-200 embodies the forward-thinking look and feel of a JJM® product and enables versatile configurations along with quick and easy service.”
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About JJM Alkaline Technologies®
JJM Alkaline Technologies®, established in 2005, is the leading designer and manufacturer of condensate neutralizers used in the heating and plumbing industries. JJM® offers the largest selection of solutions for the treatment of acidic condensate produced by today’s high-efficiency, gas-fired heating appliances to protect facilities and the environment. JJM® products are trusted by leading engineers, contractors and service technicians to ensure the safe treatment of acidic condensate in compliance with industry, federal, state, and local codes.