L to R: Rich Nimmo, Megan, Joe, Virginia, and Cole Crawford with Yann Oliveira.

Kindness is the Mark We Leave on the World

May 20, 2020

NH contractors and Air Purchases team up to bring a family together.

Yann Oliveira, owner of Pro Warrior Painting & Construction in Plaistow, NH, has built his business around helping others. He regularly supports our military, police and fire departments, and others in the community as his way of giving back. So it was no surprise that when Hampstead, NH homeowner Virginia Crawford approached Oliveira one day with a dream, he didn’t hesitate to help make it a reality.

L to R: Rich Nimmo, Megan, Joe, Virginia, and Cole Crawford with Yann Oliveira.
L to R: Rich Nimmo, Megan, Joe, Virginia, and Cole Crawford with Yann Oliveira.

Crawford’s daughter Megan is a single mother working full-time while also caring for Abel, her two-year old son. Born prematurely, Abel spent the first several months of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit. His ongoing medical needs have landed him back in the hospital more than 80 times since. With the dual demands of a career and raising a child with unique needs, Megan had been struggling to make it on her own.

Crawford and her husband Joe dreamed of being able to bring Megan and Abel home to live with them and their 6-year old grandson Cole, whom they’ve had custody of since he was two. But they had neither the room nor the right accommodations to truly meet Abel’s needs. They also knew the cost of expanding their home could be significant, and with both Virginia and Joe approaching retirement age, an expense that was likely beyond their reach.

Still, with a mother’s heart, Crawford was determined. One day while driving past one of Oliveira’s job sites, she decided to approach him with the idea of building an addition to their home. Oliveira grew up with a younger brother struggling with medical needs that were much like Abel’s. “Once I met the Crawfords and heard their story, I knew I had to help,” he said.

Oliveira designed the home’s addition to specifically accommodate Abel’s needs, laying it out in ways that will make Abel and Megan’s lives much easier as Abel continues to grow. To help the Crawfords defray the costs of the project, he donated much of his labor and then rallied the support of his own troops – other contractors in the trades. Steve Wood, owner of Manchester Mechanical in Manchester, NH handled all the plumbing, as well as the installation of a new well pump and tank, donating a significant portion of his labor in the process. Bob Chenard of Moynihan Lumber in Plaistow, NH, generously donated building materials.

HVAC contractor Rich Nimmo, owner of Coastal Mechanical in Manchester, provided a significant discount on his labor, but was concerned with the cost of the equipment itself. He reached out to Air Purchases Territory Manager Pete Mikolajczuk and asked if there was anything the company could do to help.

“With all that’s been going on in our world lately, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help a family come together,” said Mikolajczuk. “Strengthening our sense of community is more important than ever before.” Air Purchases President Rob Engel agreed, and the company picked up half the cost of the Ducane 95G1E gas furnace, 4AC13L air conditioner, and coil that Nimmo installed. “The Crawfords needed a reliable heating and cooling system, and Ducane fit the bill,” said Nimmo. “It will give them years of trouble-free comfort and will definitely help with Abel’s medical needs.”

With the addition now nearing completion, the Crawfords’ dream of having the family together under one roof will soon become a reality. “I wish I could put into words how full our hearts are with everyone’s kindness,” said Crawford. “Megan and Abel are now able to live independently but know that help, if needed, is just a few steps away. I hope each of you realize that your good deeds will never be forgotten.”

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Air Purchases has branches in Dedham, Brockton, and Hyannis, MA, and in Manchester, NH, where it is known as Engel HVAC Supply. The company has been serving New England contractors for more than 50 years.