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Lashley South Texas LLC Joins Johnson Controls-Hitachi Rep Team

June 20, 2020

Johnson Controls-Hitachi is pleased to announce that Lashley South Texas will be the new manufacturers’ representative for Hitachi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems and SmartFlex™ Mini-Split systems in Texas, San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi.

Hitachi VRF systems offer engineers, mechanical contractors, and building owners a cost-effective and energy-efficient HVAC choice with multiple advantages which include:

  • A modular design that enables systems to be customized to each project’s exact requirements. Options include heat pump and heat recovery systems and a host of fan coil choices.
  • Design freedom. Options include ducted systems with short or long runs as well as non-ducted systems that require much less plenum space (reducing construction costs and increasing alternatives).
  • Energy savings, on average, up to 39% compared to conventional systems.
  • Impressively quiet, personalized comfort delivered with precision to each zone.

About Hitachi

Visionary, committed and socially responsible, everything Hitachi creates is intended to have a positive impact on society. Serving the needs of customers, communities, the environment, and ultimately the planet, our solutions are designed to make the world a more comfortable place to live. With passion and proven technical expertise, we build superior technology that helps create efficient, comfortable commercial and residential environments. These proven solutions of unmatched quality along with strong technical and specification support inspire trust and set the standard for both industry and customers. We are driven to make the places you work and live more efficient, productive, and comfortable. That’s Hitachi–superior technology for society.

About Lashley South Texas

In 2006 Lashley South Texas manager Ted Liljenwall purchased the Austin, Corpus Christi and San Antonio offices from Brian Lashley of Lashley and Associates from Houston Texas.

From the company’s inception, Mr. Liljenwall has been dedicated to the delivering HVAC products of unrivaled quality and value. He has worked tirelessly to build the most skilled, knowledgeable team of experts and associates in each of the company’s warehouses and offices.

Mr. Liljenwall’s goals have remained constant throughout his time owning and running Lashley South Texas: to providing topnotch quality, service, expertise and value to each of the company’s commercial and residential clients.

Lashley South Texas specializes in HVAC air distribution solutions, offering a complete line on manufactured products to help get your system in tip-top condition and keep it running that way for years to come. Moreover we carry a complete line of architectural products. You can find a detailed descriptions of our HVAC products on our product page on our website. We have worked extensively to verify the catalogs information, conducting exhaustive research to verify the accuracy of everything contained therein.

For more information, please visit or contact Lashley South Texas, LLC. at 210-349-3251.