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Lincoln Educational Services’ Student Attendance Rates Remain above 90% as Technology Platforms Keep Students Engaged

July 27, 2020

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation (NASDAQ: LINC), a national leader in specialized technical training for more than 20 hands-on career fields, reported that average attendance across its nationwide system of campuses was above 90% for the majority of the second quarter. The Company attributes the high attendance rates to its technology platforms, which allowed remotely-delivered instruction as campuses were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with Lincoln-issued laptops, students experienced little to no interruption, allowing them to make a smoother transition as campuses re-opened for on-site instruction.

“Lincoln students have traditionally been provided with laptops in the vast majority of our programs, and those laptops are theirs to keep upon graduation,” says Scott Shaw, Lincoln Tech’s President and CEO. “It has been a priority for Lincoln to ensure that students have access to the technology they need to train for 21st century career fields – all of which are technologically-driven. While the COVID-19 crisis forced abrupt changes to educational delivery of all kinds, our strategic initiative to issue laptops allowed us to act quickly and as a result the average student attendance for remote learning exceeded 90% at Lincoln’s 22 campuses across the country.”

“During this time of physical isolation, I want to applaud our faculty for continuing to deliver their instruction in an engaging manner, demonstrating a sense of community and providing students with the academic instruction they expect from Lincoln Tech,” says Ami Bhandari, Lincoln Tech’s Senior Vice President for Education and Strategy. “We believe that the exceptional attendance rates reflected the quality of those classes, and also our students’ commitment to remain connected and diligent in pursuit of their new careers.”

As Lincoln Tech moves forward, campuses will utilize a blended curriculum format, with students completing the hands-on, lab portion of their programs on campus, while receiving instructor-led presentations and discussions via remote, online technology platforms.

About Lincoln Educational Services Corporation

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation is a leading provider of diversified career-oriented post-secondary education. Lincoln offers recent high school graduates and working adults career-oriented programs in five principal areas of study: automotive technology, health sciences, skilled trades, information technology, and hospitality services. Lincoln has provided the workforce with skilled technicians since its inception in 1946.

Lincoln currently operates 22 campuses in 14 states under three brands: Lincoln Technical Institute, Lincoln College of Technology, and Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences.  Lincoln also operates Lincoln Culinary Institute in the states of Connecticut and Maryland.

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