Ryan vanDyk, HVAC commercial leader at GE Appliances.

Looking to 2020 with Ryan vanDyk, Commercial Leader for Haier Ductless

August 23, 2019

As GE Appliances nears the market launch of the new Haier Ductless Next GEN Arctic, the latest iteration of Haier’s popular Arctic Series, Ryan vanDyk, Commercial Leader HVAC, reflects on the journey and what’s next for the North American market.

Ryan vanDyk, HVAC commercial leader at GE Appliances.
Ryan vanDyk, HVAC commercial leader at GE Appliances.

HVAC Insider: What excites you most about the Next GEN Arctic?
Ryan vanDyk: The Next GEN Arctic really represents the union of Haier and GE Appliances. Our product team has combined the best technology of both companies to bring to market HVAC products that are reliable, packed with smart features like Wi-Fi connected technology and motion sensors, and that look sharp in any home or office. We have also loaded it with features that will make our products easier to install and service than ever.

HVAC Insider: You mentioned the Next GEN Arctic will be easy to install and service, and we saw some of the features at AHR last year like the extended support clip, mounting bracket and the wiring self-check. Are there additional features to watch for?
Ryan vanDyk: Our product team is working through the final phases of a new self-diagnostic tool with impressive parameters that will significantly reduce trouble shooting time for technicians.

HVAC Insider: How has GE Appliances shaped the new Haier Ductless models?
Ryan vanDyk: GE Appliances is the standard for quality and reliability in North America. Our team has applied many of their standards as far as product design and testing. They are also a leader in the distribution space so we can ensure that our products will be there when and where our customers need them.

HVAC Insider: How do you feel about the potential of the North American market for ductless HVAC?
Ryan vanDyk: The North American market represents a huge opportunity for Haier Ductless and ductless systems in general. As you know, ductless HVAC systems have been popular globally for half a century. In the North American market, we continue to look for opportunities to educate owners on the applications of these systems. From a Haier Ductless perspective, we have taken the time to talk to our customers about the evolution of our products, process and the investments we have made to across the board from both a product and support standpoint.

The Next GEN Arctic will be available to order from distribution centers in April 2020. Additional information is available at HaierHVAC.com.