Mandeville Store Manager Josh Leto

Acme/Kaiser Names Josh Leto as Manager

August 23, 2019

Jay Kaiser, Vice President of Sales for Acme Refrigeration of Baton Rouge/Kaiser Supply announced that Joshua Leto has been appointed as the manager of their store in Mandeville.

Mandeville Store Manager Josh Leto
Mandeville Store Manager Josh Leto

In making the announcement, Jay Kaiser emphasized that Josh will do well as a store manager due to his strong product knowledge, his keen sense for details and his excellent customer service skills. The store is located at 950 South Lane in Mandeville and their phone number is 985-237-6013.

Josh was quick to point out that he has a lot of good help at his store in the form of Brian Berthelot (counter sales) and David Galloway (driver/warehouse), Josh credited his guys by saying “they have not only made me feel at home in a new store but they have also been an amazing help in getting me acclimated to the store and all of its intricacies. These guys have been great.”

Josh shared a few personal things about himself adding, “I’m 29 years old and some people might think I’m still wet behind the ears. While that may be true about some aspects of my life, I’m a veteran of the HVAC industry with this year marking my 14th year being in wholesale distribution. I started out in the warehouse in Harvey during my sophomore year of high school. Back then I never would have dreamed it would lead me to this position, but now I know this is the job I was made for. Even studying Computer Science at UNO couldn’t keep me out of the industry. I’m an avid video gamer, podcast listener, and lover of all things ‘science and tech.’ You can ask my Dad about the articles I’ve discussed with him regarding quantum entanglement or black holes, he can attest to it.”

Josh concluded, “Speaking of my Dad, Jonathan Leto, this part is for him: I cannot thank you enough for helping me become the man I am today and for the success you’ve helped me to attain. You taught me everything I needed to know to get started in this industry and then let me run with it to flourish like I am today. For that, I am forever grateful. I love you, Dad, you’re my best friend and I will miss working by your side.”