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Marley Engineered Products Debuts New Line of Duct Heaters, Specification Program for Engineers

May 11, 2020

Marley Engineered Products, a leader in high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment, has added a new line of open coil electric Duct Heaters to its portfolio of unit heaters. To simplify the selection and quoting process for its large portfolio of duct heaters, Marley also has unveiled a new Duct Heat Program specification tool for engineers.

Marley duct heaterThe new line of Marley Duct Heaters are available in slip-in or flanged configurations with heavy gauge galvanized steel frame and terminal box construction and are ETL and UL certified. All of the unit heaters include primary and secondary thermal protection.

“Our Duct Heaters are designed for vertical or horizontal air flow in either direction and ideal for optimizing heating comfort in office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, schools, hotels and hospitals,” said Kyle Jason, Product Manager with Marley Engineered Products. “The units come in a variety of construction styles, features and control options and can be custom designed to an exact size, wattage, voltage, phase and number of steps.”

Unlike other heaters for duct applications, Marley’s new Duct Heater also features a flip-able design, allowing contractors to install the heater in four different orientations to ensure a smooth fit.

Other key product features include:

  • Highest grade-A 80/20 nickel-chromium resistance wire with stainless steel terminals
  • Alternate constructions for round duct and bottom insert
  • Low-watt density for longer, more durable operation

Duct Heat Program Simplifies Specification

The new line of Duct Heaters is available in a variety of voltages, power output and control options that are designed to lessen the load on a building’s main heating systems. To simplify selection, engineers can utilize a new Duct Heat Program designed to make the specification process quicker and easier.

“The new Duct Heat Program delivers a more intuitive product selection and quoting process to help engineers and contractors specify a heater that installs easily and efficiently, provides needed heat in a compact design, and has the necessary control package for any commercial or residential building,” said Jason. “This program helps build on our brand promise of delivering highly-engineered, custom solutions to optimize comfort for building occupants and improve energy management and manufacturing and facility control processes.”

Engineers can utilize the new Duct Heat Program to review a variety of ready-to-go and custom-built heating solutions to solve heating challenges in commercial, industrial and residential buildings and spaces.

To learn more about the new Duct Heat Line and Specification Program visit or locate the nearest Marley Engineered Products sales rep at

About Marley Engineered Products

Marley Engineered Products® is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of reliable comfort heating and ventilation solutions for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Founded in 1926, the company’s expertise in thermal engineering began in 1922 with the inception of the Power Plant Equipment Company, which later became the Marley Company.

Today, Marley Engineered Products is recognized by contractors, architects, engineers and HVAC professionals for providing a wide range of high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment. Marley Engineered Products’ brands include QMark®, Berko®, Fahrenheat® and Leading Edge®, providing a wide range of innovative, quality engineered, commercial, industrial, and residential electric comfort heaters as well as ventilation solutions.

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