The Lido House by Marriot in Newport Beach, California

Marriott’s Newport Beach ‘Lido House’ Resort Upgrades HVAC System with LG VRF Technology

November 20, 2019

Designed with an effortless sense of style and definitive beach-house chic vibe, Lido House by Marriott has quickly become one of Newport Beach’s favorite upscale destinations. The hotel’s design and iconic architecture celebrates the town’s Cape Cod aesthetic with elegant twists on a variety of nautical themes, making this a sought-out locale for out-of-town visitors and area residents alike. Residing on the site of former City Hall, the Lido House features 130 stylish guest rooms, along with five unique cottages – each curated by a local designer, paying homage to the unique ambiance and coastal lifestyle of the affluent community. The resort also includes a full-service restaurant, rooftop deck and full day spa for guests.

The Lido House by Marriot in Newport Beach, CaliforniaChallenge

With a location just minutes to the beach, the property often faces fluctuations in weather and temperature, necessitating an HVAC solution that provides year-round heating and cooling with superior energy efficiency.


After analyzing the design and overall HVAC requirements for the property, the project team and property management were quick to realize that they needed to maximize open space for leisure amenities for hotel guests. The team also required an ultra-efficient system that could unobtrusively fit within the interior design aspects of the upscale property while maintaining a sense of quiet serenity and guest comfort throughout the hotel’s various communal and guest rooms. With these necessities identified, the team set out to find an HVAC solution to satisfy the unique criteria of the property.


Construction partner R.D. Olson tapped into leading local HVAC expert ACH Mechanical Contractors, Inc.’s expertise to design an efficient solution that would allow for simultaneous heating and cooling throughout the property and individual guest rooms, while at the same time, seamlessly integrating into the overall aesthetic of this upscale hotel.

LG equipment installation at the Lido House by Marriot in Newport Beach, CaliforniaOnce plans for the design were complete and LG was identified as the ideal solution due to their expansive offering, design flexibility and energy-efficient units, local HVAC equipment company DMG Corporation specified LG’s Multi V™ 5 and Multi V™ S VRF systems, both of which have garnered critical acclaim for their incredible energy efficiency, flexibility in design and installation options, to satisfy this project’s needs.

In order to properly condition a large property that regularly sees wide temperature swings, thanks to the cool ocean breeze, LG’s Multi V 5 was the ideal solution for the main hotel, as it features an expanded operating range that will allow for individualized comfort throughout the entire shared spaces, guest rooms and cottages. Multi V 5 also comes with exclusive LG features such as Smart Load Control which measures ambient air humidity and temperature to monitor changing weather conditions in real-time, adjusting operation before the change has an opportunity to impact indoor comfort. This was a key benefit given the weather and temperature fluctuations in the coastal California climate. Two LG Multi V S systems were incorporated into the Lido House’s kitchen and IT/Data Server room. They provide dedicated temperature control while taking into account the increased need for cooling within those spaces, no matter the ambient temperature throughout the year.

LG mechanical equipment control panel at Lido House by Marriot in Newport Beach, CaliforniaAdditionally, LG Multi V 5 systems were selected to condition the five rental cottages on the Lido House property. In an effort to create maximum comfort for guests, the Multi V 5 allows for personalized comfort control within each zoned area of the cottages. The system allows for a wider operating range with cooling capabilities in ambient temperatures up to 122° F as well as a continuous heating in colder temperatures. Ideal for residential settings, it is an effectively efficient, quiet and seamless solution for the Lido House’s goal of tranquility and relaxation throughout its property.

LG’s outdoor units were placed on the hotel’s roof, thanks to their innovative space-saving and light-weight design, rather than other locations that could take up precious real estate that could be used for other purposes. Additionally, two LG AC Smart central controllers were installed to help building managers effectively control the HVAC system throughout the main building space.

“The Lido House is an Autograph Hotel – among the most luxurious of Marriott’s offerings – and is meant to be an intimate residential-style boutique hotel,” said Matt Ewing, development manager, R.D. Olson Construction. “One of the big benefits of partnering with LG is not only its quietness, but that they manufacture slim-profile ducted units that we were able to install above the ceilings of all the bathrooms, allowing for maximum comfort and tranquility for each guest. The last thing we want is for our guests to see and hear the HVAC unit.”

Jason Freeman, sales engineer for DMG Corporation added, “We used almost the entire LG equipment offering on this project, throughout the hotel and the custom-designed cottages. We believe that LG’s VRF systems are the highest quality on the market and that’s why we use them consistently throughout our projects.”


Interior of the Lido House by Marriot in Newport Beach, CaliforniaThe advanced HVAC systems help Lido House guests have a premium vacation experience. To ensure guest comfort and experience at the property, the team installed 24-total LG VRF systems, allowing for more efficiency, control and space-saving positives for the property. Additionally, two LG AC Smart controllers were installed in the building engineer’s office, making managing the overall system a seamless process for the management staff.

“With the location of the property being so close to the beach and cool Pacific Ocean breeze, we needed an HVAC solution that can simultaneously heat and cool our spaces, providing maximum comfort for the most discerning clientele,” said Ted O’Brien, Ventura operations manager, ACH Mechanical. “LG’s efficient and effective solutions checked off all the boxes, as we’re able to get way more with less equipment thanks to LG VRF condensing units, which fit perfectly on the roof of the hotel space.”

Alex Ramos, chief engineer for Lido House noted, “I love the feedback that we receive from the guests. This system is so quiet, they can barely tell that it is on, which is music to my ears when it comes to their ultimate satisfaction. The LG VRF system requires low maintenance, guests love it and it’s so simple to manage and operate, thanks to LG’s AC Smart central controllers being easy to navigate.”

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