Pete Gardner

Meet Some New People and Socialize

January 08, 2019

There are great advantages that can be gained by meeting new people and using social skills. Sometimes we need to meet new people in order to build business or just to do our jobs properly. Maybe you transferred to a new department, or you took a job in another town or a new company, or you need to make friends at a different location. Whatever the case, you now find yourself in a situation where building relationships is important and necessary.

Pete GardnerI can say this, I’ve moved around a bit in my life, and I’ve also, if we’re being honest here, had at least a few times where getting acquainted with employees, associates or customers can be challenging. Unless you’re coming from a background of isolation, you’re probably not completely alone if this situation makes you uncomfortable.

There are some ways to overcome this. If you have any casual acquaintances that make you feel at ease, that’s the first place to start. I used my workplace for a very good reason…..this is one of the most common places people begin building out business and social circles.

Every conversation with a co-worker is an opportunity to find a shared interest, hobby, or favorite pastime. And once you’re talking about that shared interest, you’re far more likely to stumble upon another one, and another one, and before you know it, you’ve made a friend.

Extra-curricular activities are also a key. Along with providing quality socializing time away from distractions, they throw the door wide open for you to meet friends of friends. We’re unlikely to bring our friends and partners around to the office, but some of those people tend to show up at a local event or restaurant after work. You should leap at these opportunities when they present themselves and when the situation warrants, even suggest them yourself. Don’t be shy here – it does very little harm to at least suggest that everyone meet after work…. and you’re probably not the only one with the same idea. You may be surprised at how popular this can make you.

So assert yourself…it can help build your business.