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MGM Products Now Offering Coil Coating Services

August 26, 2019

By Steven Furnée

Did you know that MGM Products in Conyers, Georgia, is fully equipped and set up to become your one-stop shop for all HVAC Anti Corrosion Coatings?

MGM Products can help you out with:

  • Unique Waterborne Coil Coatings: All your Coil Coatings can be done by flow or spray coating to ensure full penetration of any size coil regardless the number of rows.
  • Panel, Casing and Enclosure Coatings: The Aqua Aero panel and case coatings are chemical and salt spray resistant and meet the highest ASTM-test specs. The solution when you are looking for a full coat option to ensure optimal coastal and industrial protection. The full coat will be applied with Aqua Aero Multicoat Siloxane product. MGM Products provides up to C5-M-spec level of corrosion protection for your panels, casings and enclosures.
  • Drain Pan Coatings: Drain pan Coatings are self-leveling 100% soli product that can be poured and used inside the drain pan to protect the sheet metal from corroding. It gives it a smooth, easy to clean surface and contaminates fungus and several bacteria. Your ultimate cost effective alternative to stainless drain pans.

Why use MGM’s HVAC Coating Solutions:

  • Professional crew all certified Aqua Aero Coating applicators.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • MGM is offering a 10 day turn-around time in coating your coils and units!
  • Quick in returning you a quote approximately 2 hours after receiving your RFP.
  • The Aqua Aero Coil Coatings, the Panel, and Casing Coatings meet 10.000 hours in ASTM B-117 salt spray test.
    The capacity loss for the coil coating is negligible as per notified body laboratory tested (reports available upon request).
  • The coatings are waterborne and do not give off an odor. The coating does not omit any VOCs which means a touch up in the field with the actual product can be done with a spray gun without any jobsite restrictions as the products are non-hazmat.
  • All coatings come with a UV protector as a standard, no additional topcoat needed.

The MGM Products and Aqua Aero Partnership

MGM Products and Aqua Aero Coatings partnered up three years ago after meeting each other at the AHR show in Orlando. Along those years, a strong partnership was built from where Aqua Aero adds value as an HVAC coating manufacturer from The Netherlands. Aqua Aero has more than 25 years of worldwide experience in the anti-corrosion HVAC coatings industry.

MGM Products has a dedicated team and a specialized coating building established at their Conyers, Georgia plant. With their skilled application team, MGM Products applies the entire Aqua Aero Coatings portfolio in-house. Their topnotch knowledge about de-assembling and re-assembling any OEM unit, combined with MGM being a certified Aqua Aero Coatings applicator, makes them your trusted HVAC coating partner.

Let us quote your unit for a nice coat or bring your coil and come see us coating your sample in Conyers, Georgia!

About the Author

Steven Furnée is a partner with Aqua Aero Coatings B.V. and responsible for the US market. Based out of Amsterdam but frequently travels up and forth between The Netherlands and the USA.

He commercially and technically supports the Aqua Aero applicators throughout the USA and is always looking for new Aqua Aero applicators or end-customers he can direct to the AA applicators.