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Mingledorff’s 2019 Dealer Meeting Focused on the Future that Is Upon Us

The Mingledorff’s 2019 Dealer Meeting was held February 21st and 22nd in Mobile, AL. This year’s theme, “Next is Now,” focused on the reality that the future is upon us. Ideas that seemed like “pie in the sky” a few short years ago are here now and overtaking our industry. For example, more HVAC systems are controlled via the web than ever before, and the rate at which Wi-Fi controllers come online grows with each new day.

David Kesterton, President of Mingledorff’s addresses the attendees at the 2019 Dealer Meeting held in Mobile.
David Kesterton, President of Mingledorff’s addresses the attendees at the 2019 Dealer Meeting held in Mobile.

It’s evident that Millennials make up a significant part of the workforce today and they now own as many homes as Baby Boomers. Contractors are already using virtual reality to train employees and augmented reality to leverage expertise in the field. Mingledorff’s brought a variety of business and industry leaders to the stage to discuss these topics in depth while helping dealers develop the steps necessary to stay ahead of the curve.
2019 also marks the 80th anniversary of Mingledorff’s Distributors and the 10th anniversary of their expansion in the Gulf Coast. For that reason, they were excited to host the 2019 Dealer Meeting in Mobile, AL, the birthplace of Mardi Gras.

Knowing Mobile’s lively Mardi Gras season would be in full effect this time of year, a Parade Viewing Party was worked into the meeting agenda so that everyone could enjoy this fun and unique cultural experience. After the Order of Polka Dots paraded down the street just outside the Rennaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel, the sounds of a local brass band kept the festive spirit alive as everyone made their way back to the Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center for the Mardi Gras themed “Expo Ball.”

Mingledorff’s annual Dealer Meetings are all about helping their customers to be confident, cutting-edge business leaders. This two-day event is an easy way for them to gain valuable industry insights and network with others in the trade from across the southeast while exploring products and services designed to help them make more money and run their business more effectively.

This yearly opportunity allows dealers to step away from their business for just a short amount of time and gather a large amount of information and resources to help them succeed for years to come.

Mingledorff’s would like to thank all the Dealers, Exhibitors, Special Guests, and Sponsors who made this their most attended Dealer Meeting to date. They know that none of this would be possible without the support of their loyal customers and vendor partners and look forward to having everyone together again next year at the Mingledorff’s 2020 Dealer Meeting, January 14th and 15th in Atlanta.

Additional photos of this event are available here.