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Modine Recommends Top Tips for Creating Comfortable K-12 Classrooms

May 29, 2023

Racine, Wis. – May 23, 2023 – Modine (NYSE: MOD), a technology leader in the HVAC industry, recognizes how important it is to create comfortable and healthy spaces for students year-round, including those attending K-12 summer school programs. As part of their continued commitment to providing schools with the HVAC solutions and education necessary to maintain pristine indoor air quality (IAQ), Modine recommends some top tips for maintaining great IAQ while summer programs are in session.

“Oftentimes, we discuss the need for enhanced IAQ during the regular school year. With that said, it’s important to keep IAQ top of mind for those attending summer school or other summer programs at K-12 facilities as well,” said Kimberly Raduenz, Manager, Strategic Marketing for the IAQ division at Modine. “In many regions across the nation, temperatures can exceed comfortable levels, and we have learned through the pandemic that many schools do not have air conditioning. If they do, they are not equipped to handle extreme temperatures. It’s important to take the proper measures to keep the air comfortable and safe so everyone can enjoy the experience and perform at their best.”

The experts at Modine suggest facility managers take these steps.

  • Provide adequate air conditioning: According to an article in EducationWeek, many schools across the U.S. don’t have air conditioning units that are equipped to cope with sweltering heat, leaving many schools to decide whether to close schools on extremely hot days. The same report states that heat makes it harder for students to learn, and students perform worse on tests when they’re hot. With that in mind, the summer is the perfect time to upgrade HVAC systems to include air conditioning solutions to combat the extreme heat and help students perform better.
  • Maintain proper relative humidity: Making sure the air in your school is comfortable is vital. That’s where the dehumidification in HVAC equipment comes into play. These solutions allow facility managers to set and maintain proper humidity levels. Between 40% and 60% relative humidity is recommended. It is important to not overcool the space by making sure your HVAC unit has some source of reheat like hot gas.
  • Enhance ventilation: Having fresh air to breathe also helps create a great atmosphere for students. As of May 12, the CDC recommends at least five air changes per hour of clean air in an occupied space. Thanks to mechanical HVAC solutions, facility managers can control the amount of outdoor air circulated inside the classroom. Based on your school facility, make sure you are meeting the standard for fresh air.
  • Signup for a preventative maintenance plan: To help ensure your school HVAC equipment is performing at optimal levels, consider signing up for a preventative maintenance plan. This will guarantee the unit is getting the best service available while avoiding major downtime during both summer school and the regular school year. From enhanced energy efficiency to an increased lifespan, performing regular maintenance will keep your unit running and help create a great learning environment.

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