Matthew Sallee, Motili

Motili Discusses How HVAC System Strategic Electrification Helps Decarbonize the Earth’s Atmosphere

March 10, 2021

Strategic electrification, in concert with variable refrigerant flow, makes a significant impact on carbon footprint.

In a new video series from Motili, the company has outlined how strategic electrification and variable refrigerant flow or VRF systems are bringing environmentally-friendly heating and cooling options to home and commercial building owners. This series can be viewed at:

Recent government programs, code requirements and utility rebates have been driving a movement of the electrification of the HVAC industry. This strategic electrification in HVAC sees increased use of electricity instead of fossil fuels within systems, to bring about positive impacts such as more easily decrease pollution, decarbonizing the atmosphere, and drive down overall HVAC cost to run. Additionally, the electrification within HVAC systems frees up the building owner or homeowner from worrying about fluctuations in the fossil fuel market, and eliminates any potential carbon monoxide poisoning, as there is no gas.

Matthew Sallee, Motili
Matthew Sallee

Electrification is applied to an HVAC system by variable refrigerant flow or VRF. VRF systems are large, ductless systems that use heat pumps to provide simultaneous heating and cooling between different rooms or zones. This type of system optimizes the action of heating and cooling, significantly reducing carbon footprint along the way. VRF supports strategic electrification by reducing the overall heating and cooling costs for building owners, consumers and society as a whole and helps address issues that are on the rise in decarbonization legislation.

“The benefits of a VRF system are many – tax credits, utility rebates and consumers can customize systems with their heating and cooling needs,” said Matthew Sallee, VP Business Development, Motili. “VRF systems are also quiet, easy to install and are 30% more efficient than conventional HVAC systems. Here at Motili, we are constantly looking for ways to make the planet a healthier place and strategic electrification is one of the ways we can support a greener HVAC experience.”

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