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National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference Keynote Announced

August 14, 2019
HVAC Excellence is pleased to announce James Morante from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office will present the keynote presentation for the 2020 National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference.
It is no secret that there is a personnel shortage in HVACR industry. This shortage affects everyone working in the industry, no matter what role they play. Whether you are a manufacturer, contractor, or other industry professional, you have likely had to address, at some point, the issue of acquiring well-qualified individuals to help meet your organization’s goals. Where does this talent pool exist? Most of the time, the source for new employees is the career and technical education program in your area. As these programs become more robust, so does the talent that can be drawn from them.
This general session will provide eye-opening information on how to recruit students in under-represented demographic groups to increase enrollment and improve community outreach. “If you build it, they will come…maybe” is the general, underlying theme on reinforcing the essential nature of outreach strategies within workforce development, education and training.
During this general session, James Morante, the California State Director and Sector Navigator for Energy, Construction and Utilities, will share his first-hand experiences in dealing with this challenging topic. He will discuss best practices and common blunders, as well as how jobs and good pay alone isn’t enough to attract enough people to the industry and will require unprecedented diligence in expanding interest and awareness.
Mr. Morante’s presentation will help set the tone for the sixty plus sessions being offered during the three-day event at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Persons interested in attending, are invited to come early for the Council of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Educators workshop event on March 22nd and stay an extra day to attend the Daikin Ductless Installation Class on March 26th. (Please note the Daikin event requires a separate registration and is limited to the first 100 to register).
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