WAGO’s new 221 Series LEVER-NUTS® Ex.
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New Splicing Connectors Designed for Extreme Applications

November 16, 2019

WAGO’s new 221 Series LEVER-NUTS® for Ex applications brings you all the features you love of the 221 LEVER-NUTS®, now for extreme and hazardous applications. These splicing connectors obtain AEx (class 1, zone 1) rating when used in conjunction with the mounting carrier, which can either be clamped onto a DIN rail or screwed tightly to any smooth surface.

WAGO’s new 221 Series LEVER-NUTS® Ex.
WAGO’s new 221 Series LEVER-NUTS® Ex.

Features of the 221 Ex series include:

  • new mounting carrier to enable the use of 221 Ex in hazardous applications
  • 24 – 12 AWG; solid, stranded, flexible and tin-bonded
  • 2-, 3- and 5- conductor wiring options
  • lever actuation for quick and easy installation

The 221 Ex series brings new design possibilities for junction boxes, terminal boxes, lights and electronic devices in potentially explosive applications. The mounting carrier fulfills the standard requirement for securing the clamping point. When the connectors are placed flush together within the carrier, the working voltage is 275 V. For applications with working voltages up to 440 V, the connectors are inserted so that there is a visible space between each connector. The 221 Series for Ex applications is available now.

For more information and a sample of 221 Ex, visit www.wago.com/221/us/

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