Amy O’Grady , NFACCA
Florida News

NFACCA President’s Perspective

August 01, 2020

After serving on the North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association (NFACCA) Board for several years I have found myself leading as President of NFACCA in unfamiliar territory. There is no playbook for what we are facing, so slow down and become aware of how you lead in unprecedented times. As leaders we plan for every aspect of our business. It is okay to be in a place of learning. A place you didn’t plan for. It doesn’t mean you are not a successful leader. How you react and pivot will be important to both your team and your customer. What messages are you sending with your responses? How are you connecting with fellow contractors and industry leaders to utilize new tactics?

This association is built on Advocacy, Professionalism, and Connectivity. As we find ourselves in both the heat of the summer and a new business environment make sure to take a minute to reflect on how much you have achieved. Let us not be surprised by what may arise over summer but be prepared to learn from each other. We can keep our focus on reaching higher and showing our local community who we are as Jacksonville’s HVAC Industry.

Your NFACCA Board of Directors would like to know how we could serve you better in this time. Check out the NEW RESOURCES page on the website we have put together for you. Also our phone number and e-mail address is listed below so please contact us with any needs.

P: 904-536-8453, E:, W: