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Noritz upgrades EZ Residential Tankless Series with Industry-best, 25-Year Warranty, Boosting its Energy Efficiency

December 23, 2022

The newly upgraded EZ Series of Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heaters from Noritz America now offers an improved and industry-leading Uniform Energy Factor of 0.96, while maintaining a 25-year warranty — also an industry-best — on its redesigned, dual stainless-steel heat exchangers. The higher UEF should deliver substantial energy savings and lower monthly fuel bills to the home or business owner over the extended life of these highly durable water heaters.

The key to both the warranty and the efficiency gain — up from 0.95 UEF for the previous EZ Series — is the unique blending of two types of high-grade stainless steel in the heat exchangers, using the material that best supports each component’s function. The primary heat exchanger is made of a higher tensile strength stainless material to resist heat shock and cracking under the high temperatures it routinely handles. The secondary exchanger extracts latent heat from the combustion process, producing an acidic condensate. As a result, it features a stainless material that is especially adept at resisting corrosion and scale buildup, even after years of demanding usage.