Clifton Reasor, VP of Business Development at RCS

Not Just Another Roof Curb Company

March 20, 2020

The story of Roof Curb Systems (RCS) is one of innovation. By pioneering roof curb sub-framing with their first patent in 1997, TRAC Rail™ put a small startup company on the map because it became an instant sensation with metal roofers all over the country. Still to this day it is the only fully engineered system on the market with the product evolving into new iterations to remain on the forefront of energy codes that are driving building design.

Clifton Reasor, VP of Business Development at RCS
Clifton Reasor, VP of Business Development at RCS

With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology that rivals the aerospace industry and a company culture that is fueled by originality, RCS has flourished in the low-rise commercial construction segment with numerous national account relationships built on trust and value only offered by the experience of their dedicated staff. Their nationwide presence is supported by a logistics network that specializes in reliable transit options that puts their products where they need to go quickly and competitively. So, what is it that makes RCS stand out in an otherwise saturated “Roof Curb” industry?

Take their Fast-RAC™ condenser stand for example, which was developed to answer the call for an efficient support system that integrates with metal roofs without penetrations for most applications. This curb-less solution solves the age-old issue of dissimilar materials on sensitive roof panels while providing proper sloped attachment to the building for a level mounting surface that’s easy to install.

RCS breaks the traditional curb approach by considering jobsite challenges faced by the hard-working folks that embody HVAC service and installation. “Give them the parts and details they need to do it right the first time” is the design mantra that drives their development of new and existing systems.

From HVAC contractors to large distributors, RCS goes out of their way to make ordering a breeze for the smallest to largest of their products encompassing the following for example:

  • Curb Adapters
  • HVAC and Fan Curbs
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Seismic Engineering
  • Restraint Clips
  • Burglar Bars and Security Grills
  • Equipment Rails and Platforms

RCS sells solutions not just products, taking project coordination to the next level by examining the building and equipment variables with an all-encompassing method to ensure project success.

For their everyday roof curbs, manufacturing is made easy via a custom developed configurator that flattens the automatically produced 3D Solidworks models for CNC interpretation to begin their fabrication process. This allows RCS’s drafting and detailing resources to be dedicated to custom designs, product development, and customer support as their roof curbs are all configured via the proprietary software.

With manufacturing automation via equipment such as fiber lasers, assemblies such as their roof hatch line are fully produced in-house with user safety on the forefront and thorough attention to detail leaving no stone unturned in their quest to build better products. Their full line complements the application of rooftop equipment from HVACR to roof access for service to energy saving daylighting systems that offset energy consumption in properly designed buildings. Whether it is on the roof or through the roof, RCS has you covered.

Everyone’s story has a beginning, but for RCS, finding a gap in the market and tailoring solutions for the HVACR market is just the start. The clear difference is their “Total Systems Approach” which defines their unparalleled capability to successfully design and produce products that work to deliver results that matter. When you want project solutions for correctly integrating equipment with roofs and then service to back it up, give RCS an opportunity to earn your business.
For distribution and sales inquiries or more information about RCS, Roof Curb Systems, contact Clifton Reasor, VP of Business Development, by calling 800-683-5848 or emailing [email protected] and ask to experience the difference of their Total Systems Approach.

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