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QwikProducts Boards and Pads Showcased at the AHR Expo

QwikProducts™, a division of Mainstream Engineering, showcased their QwikSwap® control boards and QwikHurricane™ pads at the AHR Expo, garnering a lot of interest from attendees.

Robert Scaringe (c.) of Mainstream Engineering/QwikProducts describes the QwikSwap boards to Ben Moore (l.) and Rich Rutherford Jr. of Rich’s Irrigation, Cooling and Heating.
Robert Scaringe (c.) of Mainstream Engineering/ QwikProducts describes the QwikSwap boards to Ben Moore (l.) and Rich Rutherford Jr. of Rich’s Irrigation, Cooling and Heating.

The QwikSwap® V3 board is a simple, cost effective alternative for replacing variable airflow electronically commutated motors (ECMs). The QwikSwap® V3 enables replacing variable airflow ECM 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 or 3.0 motors with a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor while still providing the variable blower airflow capability. Mainstream also provides two other QwikSwap® boards. The QwikSwap® X3 for a failed constant torque (X-13-like) ECM which allows variable (three) air flow rates instead of the single flow rate of the constant torque ECM being replaced; and, for a lower-cost change out, the QwikSwap® X1, which only operates at a single air flow rate.

QwikProducts™ has designed and manufactured the QwikHurricane™ Pad to be rugged and extremely lightweight, yet still able to meet the 180 MPH wind load rating for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones and Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code requirements for condenser mounting pads. The QwikHurricane™ Pad can be applied to rooftop applications as well as on-the ground installations. The hollow pads, which weigh as little as 29 pounds empty for a 36”X36” model, are filled with tap water on the jobsite. Each pad contains a unique gelling agent that reacts with the water, hardening into a solid which strengthens the pad and also provides freeze protection in colder climates. Once filled, the pad weights increase to 163 pounds and up, depending on the model. A variation of the pad, the QwikHurricane™Generator Pad, uses the same technology and ships with mounting hardware to accommodate most generators.

All QwikProducts™ are proudly made in the USA and all QwikHurricane™ Pad-related products are certified by licensed Professional Engineers.

For more details on all the Mainstream QwikProducts™ and to see all the free training available, visit www.qwik.com. To learn about the advanced R&D being done by Mainstream, visit www.mainstream-engr.com.