Nu-Calgon Clean Connect Sprayer and Concentrate 4x Coil Cleaners

Nu-Calgon Launches Exciting New Products at AHR Expo

January 29, 2019

Nu-Calgon is launching several new products at the AHR Expo that will have an impact on the HVACR market.

The new EasySeal® Ultimate is not only the fastest and strongest refrigerant leak sealant on the market, but it now treats even larger systems. The new Ultimate LS (Large System) version treats systems up to 10 tons, while the UV dye product (LS/UV) treats systems up to 7.5 tons. EasySeal Ultimate SS (Small System) is now available in a UV dye version as well (SS/UV). Both of the UV products feature a new brighter UV dye formula.

Nu-Calgon Clean Connect Sprayer and Concentrate 4x Coil Cleaners
Nu-Calgon Clean Connect Sprayer and Concentrate 4x Coil Cleaners

Three of Nu-Calgon’s most popular coil cleaners are now available in quart concentrate sizes to be used with a new sprayer called Clean Connect™. Nu-Brite® 4x, Alka-Brite+® 4x and Tri-Pow’r® HD 4x are concentrate quarts equal to one gallon of traditional coil cleaner (4:1 dilution). The new size takes up less space on contractor trucks and is easier to carry on rooftops and ship to job sites (it ships as “limited quantity”). The quarts simply attach to the Clean Connect Sprayer – no more pouring or spilling. The sprayer regulates the dilution of coil cleaner with water to make coil cleaning easier than ever! The Clean Connect Sprayer comes with a carrying bag and accessory to hook up the Nu-Calgon Probe spray wand (available separately).

Nu-Calgon’s is also introducing Gel Tabs™ condensate drain pan treatments in new 40-count and 80-count contractor pack sizes. Gel Tabs use gel locking technology to keep drain pans from clogging and to eliminate foul and musty odors. The 5-ton tablet size is now available in a new 40-count pack, while the 3-ton tablet now comes in an 80-count contractor pack.

Nu-Calgon’s Clean Guard™ ductless maintenance bags are now available in three convenient sizes. These maintenance bags fit onto mini-split wall units and ceiling cassette systems to protect floors and walls from solutions during coil cleaning. Original Clean Guard protects systems up to 12,000 BTU (1 ton); Clean Guard XL fits systems 18,000 to 36,000 BTU (1.5 to 3 tons); and new Clean Guard CC is designed for commercial ceiling cassettes. All three feature an adjustable band that tightens around the unit and an 8-10 foot drain line.

For over 70 years, Nu-Calgon has been providing quality specialty products for the HVACR market. The company’s complete line of products includes coil cleaners, descalers and refrigeration oils, as well as products for indoor air quality, water treatment, ice machine maintenance and other applications. When it comes to Nu-Calgon products, the name on the outside means quality on the inside. For more information, visit