Nu-Calgon EasySeal Ultimate

Nu-Calgon Launches New EasySeal Ultimate Leak Sealant

March 07, 2019

Nu-Calgon has launched a new and improved version of its best-selling refrigerant leak sealant, called EasySeal® Ultimate. The new EasySeal Ultimate is not only the fastest and strongest refrigerant leak sealant on the market, but it now treats even larger HVACR systems.

Nu-Calgon EasySeal Ultimate
Nu-Calgon EasySeal Ultimate

The new EasySeal Ultimate features Rapid Fusion Technology™ for a stronger bond and now has the ability to treat systems up to 10 tons in one application. EasySeal Ultimate also comes in UV dye versions that feature brighter ultraviolet dye formula.
EasySeal Ultimate LS (Large System) treats systems up to 10 tons, while the large system UV dye product (LS/UV) treats systems up to 7.5 tons. EasySeal Ultimate SS (Small System) is for systems up to 2 tons and is now available in a UV dye version as well (SS/UV). Both the LS and LS/UV products also come in bulk packs that include six injectors.

For over 70 years, Nu-Calgon has been providing quality specialty products for the HVACR market. The company’s complete line of products includes coil cleaners, descalers and refrigeration oils, as well as products for indoor air quality, water treatment, ice machine maintenance and other applications. When it comes to Nu-Calgon products, the name on the outside means quality on the inside.

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