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One Distributor’s Response to COVID-19

April 09, 2020

By David Kesterton, President and CEO, Mingledorff’s, Inc.

The response to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus will lead to more people than ever before being in their homes during the heat of the day, and summer is fast approaching. They are likely to be on-edge, and the last thing they need is to be uncomfortable due to a broken or failing air conditioning system. This will require HVAC contractors to head-out while others are hunkering down.

Mingledorff's Gulf Shore, AlabamaMingledorff’s is committed to equipping our contractor customers to carry out their essential mission, but it does require changes to how we do business. The goal of these changes is to minimize risk so we can continue to serve you, and you can continue to serve your communities through this crisis.

Starting Monday, March 23rd, we will transition to only taking orders via phone, SINGLE SOURCE e-commerce or email. Pick-up orders will be fulfilled via curbside service at our stores as our showrooms will be closed to the public to ensure social distancing and safety for all. Delivery service will continue. We no longer will obtain signatures on delivery receipt documents. Instead, we will record date and time of pick-up/delivery and the individual who receives the material. We will also use photographic proof-of-delivery when possible.

Please contact your local Mingledorff’s salesperson if you want to get setup to use our e-commerce solution, SINGLE SOURCE. This is a great resource for availability, pricing, ordering and seeing your order history. We are standing by, ready to help.

Like our customers, we find a way to succeed in uncertain times. Mingledorff’s was founded just before another national crisis, WWII. During those uncertain times, our founder, Lee Mingledorff, shifted the company’s mission to building ships for the Navy, just like we see manufacturers today using their assembly lines to produce ventilators from car parts. Lee Mingledorff was not a ship builder, but he was a problem solver and wanted to help. His legacy is still seen throughout our company today. Mingledorff’s is made of people like him who truly care about their job, our customers, and our country. What has made us successful for 82 years is knowing that no matter what challenges we face, we’ll always find a way to make it work – because crisis is how Mingledorff’s was built.

Carefully maintaining our operations will help our contractors continue to operate, HVAC employees to continue to earn wages and the public to stay comfortable as we wait-out this pandemic. While many parts of the economy are going to slow down, or even stop, we want to keep our HVAC contractors’ contribution to their local communities and economies running strong for as long as safely possible.

Stay safe and stay informed at mingledorffs.com/coronavirus.