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Parker ‘Gold Series’ Driers at Coburns in Thibodaux

At the Coburn Supply Company store in Thibodaux, Lester Lirette, Brian Berry and Mark Bourge make no secret of their high opinion of the Parker ‘Gold Series’ line of driers.

Lester Lirette Jr., Brian Berry and Mark Bourge.
Lester Lirette Jr., Brian Berry and Mark Bourge.

Mark Bourge mentioned, “We are sold on this product and tell our customers that the Parker ‘Gold Series’ is the way to go because of its high quality. These driers have an unsurpassed capacity to collect moisture and have maximum capability to filter impurities. They are available in liquid line, suction line and in bi-flow models for your heat pump applications.”

Brian Berry added, “Our customers trust the Parker brand name and know they are providing a reliable product to their customer.”

Lester Lirette added, “One other thing that our customers really like about the Parker ‘Gold Series’ is that they are all made in the U.S.A.”