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Prokeep to Provide HVACR Distributors Ground-Breaking Customer Engagement Solution

July 05, 2024

HVACR distribution leader to provide Johnson Controls brand distributors with ground-breaking communication solutions to revolutionize customer engagement

New Orleans, LA, July 8, 2024: Prokeep, distribution’s leading communication engagement software, announced today that it will work with Johnson Controls as a preferred vendor – offering its brand distributors co-op reimbursement for better customer engagement and an easier way to drive sales.

Prokeep empowers HVACR distributors with a centralized inbox for faster response times, more sales opportunities, and better customer communication history visibility, enhancing customer experience and relationships. Additionally, Prokeep’s outbound messaging and enablement solution boosts sales through targeted broadcast messaging and two-way communication order notifications. This comprehensive approach ensures effective customer engagement, increased sales, and strong long-term relationships through a seamless communication platform.

Since 2016, Prokeep has been a dedicated partner of the HVACR distribution industry, serving thousands of distributors across North America with proven success in delivering revenue growth up to 300%, increased customer satisfaction, and hours back every week across branches. Prokeep is excited to equip Johnson Controls brand distributors — Champion®, Coleman® Heating and Air Conditioning, Luxaire®, Fraser-Johnston®, and YORK® — with its SMS Marketing solution to educate contractors on superior products and opportunities.

“Today, over 3,000 HVACR distributors are using Prokeep to win more,” says Prokeep CEO, Jack Carrere. “We continuously hear from our customers how Prokeep helps move inventory faster, provide a better customer experience, and grow revenue. That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Johnson Controls to make it easier for more distributors to experience more wins and serve their communities faster.”

Through the Johnson Controls preferred vendor program, distributors carrying Johnson Controls brands are eligible to use their co-op funds to cover up to 75% of Prokeep’s annual subscription.

Features and benefits of Prokeep for distributors include:

  • Centralized digital inbox for faster customer response times – Send and receive inbound texts, emails, faxes, and web chats in one inbox that can be accessed by any first available rep or routed to a preferred contact.
  • Automation & templates for easy outbound engagement – Proactively engage customers with order updates, delivery notifications, and pickup instructions through text from a user-friendly platform with easy automations.
  • SMS Marketing for more promo engagement – Leverage the power of SMS marketing to get more eyes on your promotions, counter day invites, and urgent information so no one is left out of the loop.
  • Organic CRM for easy sales enablement – With a centralized record of customer communications, teams can use tags and reports to create personalized outreach and relationship consistency.

For more information about the Johnson Controls preferred vendor details, co-op reimbursement, and Prokeep discount details, please visit your Johnson Controls brand Prokeep page linked below:

About Prokeep Inc.

Founded in 2016, Prokeep is distribution’s leading customer communication and engagement software that centralizes digital communication — unlocking faster customer service, more sales opportunities, and a stronger community. Prokeep believes that relationships should be easy, not on hold, because relationships are at the heart of what distributors do; supply communities with what they need to keep going. That’s why Prokeep is dedicated to supplying distributors with what they need — an easier way to engage the fixers, the builders, and the DIYers in their communities so that progress can happen fast. Prokeep centralizes customer inbound messages across multiple channels into one shared inbox accessible by the whole team while also enabling the ability to proactively text customers with order status updates and marketing promotions. Plus, Prokeep connects to the tools distributors already use to get work done; unlocking text message automations and data syncing to make it even easier to manage business. Today, Prokeep is used by over 1,000 distributor brands across North America, enabling over 11+ million conversations and $6+ billion in revenue.

Interested in learning more about Prokeep? Get a demo at Prokeep.com.