PTI pipe insulation

PTI Pipe Insulation Passes Rigorous Testing, Assuring that the Products Will Not Corrode Copper, Aluminum or Steel Pipe

January 04, 2021

PTI, LLC (PTI), an innovative manufacturer of custom engineered foam products, has announced that its line of proprietary extruded engineered foam insulation has passed a rigorous testing standard that demonstrates that the product line will not cause corrosion on copper, aluminum or steel pipe – a key area of focus for residential and commercial contractors in the HVAC and plumbing industries.

PTI pipe insulationPTI commissioned the test of its own foam insulation products in response to ongoing contractor concerns regarding corrosion caused by polyethylene (PE) foam insulation manufactured by other companies who serve the HVAC and plumbing industries. Developed by ASTM International, one of the world’s leading standards development organizations, the test, ASTM C 665, section 13.8, was designed to determine if a material will interact with copper, aluminum or steel to cause corrosion.

“While PTI has never had a corrosion issue, we are so confident in the quality and formulation of our products that we chose to conduct these tests voluntarily to assure our customers that our products will not damage the piping that our insulation protects,” said Michael Simmons, president of PTI. “We manufacture a full line of pipe insulation products that are far superior to rubber and other PE, but at a price point that’s very competitive with both.”

“These testing results further demonstrate our leading position in the industry as a trusted resource for pipe insulation that our customers can specify with confidence for both residential and light commercial HVAC as well as plumbing use,” Simmons added.

PTI’s line of proprietary extruded engineered foam insulation products include InnoShield, InnoTough and InnoFoam.

InnoShield is PTI’s premium engineered foam pipe insulation with an innovative outer coating. With superior physical properties, it can be used in applications that range in temperature from -297F to +220F, thus providing industry-leading performance in exterior HVAC and plumbing applications that require protection against harsh outdoor conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture and sunlight.

InnoTough integrates the best characteristics of polyethylene (PE) and rubber insulation but is also tear-resistant and suitable for cold-weather installations. Targeted at residential and light commercial HVAC and plumbing use, InnoTough is recyclable and has superior physical properties. It can be used in applications that range in temperature from -297F to +220F and is more durable than other types of pipe insulation while remaining flexible.

InnoFoam is a flexible, closed-cell foam insulation that reduces condensation on piping applications and aids in energy conservation. InnoFoam’s closed-cell structure produces exceptional thermal properties that protect against moisture penetration in applications ranging from -297 degrees Fahrenheit to +200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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