QwikSeal® being introduced to system with reusable QwikInjector®
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QwikSeal by QwikProducts Dries and Seals Refrigerant Leaks at a Lower Cost than Most Other Sealants

October 29, 2018

QwikSeal® by QwikProducts™ is a 2-part kit that includes an advanced patent pending sealing technology plus a very effective moisture remover. Use of an effective drying agent is important to ensure the sealant reacts only with moisture present at the point of a leak. The bottles (clearly labeled Part A & Part B) are factory sealed to prevent contamination and should not be opened until ready for use.

QwikSeal® being introduced to system with reusable QwikInjector®
QwikSeal® being introduced to system with reusable QwikInjector®

QwikSeal® dries and seals systems from 1.5 to 6 tons, removes up to 26 drops of water and is compatible with all oils and refrigerants. It has been shown to completely seal leaks in vapor lines as large as 5.8 pounds per year; however, leaks in the liquid line greater than 0.1 pound per year may not completely seal.

Testing has shown that the sealing process can take as little as 10 minutes, but it could also take as much as 80 hours of run time. Higher oil circulation rates and higher system temperatures will accelerate the rate of sealing.

The QwikSeal® Leak Sealant Formulation

QwikSeal®’s two-part formulation is unique because Part A contains an active drying agent to remove any water from the system’s refrigerant or oil, before it has the chance to react with the leak sealant in Part B. Since QwikSeal® does both the drying and the sealing, it saves the technician time and money. The drying agent in QwikSeal® (Part A) can remove up to 26 drops of water from a system. This means that for a system with an oil charge of 15 ounces of oil, a single half-ounce Part A treatment of QwikSeal™ will drop the moisture level in the oil by about 3,000 ppm. Half the amount of oil means the moisture will drop twice as much. So, unless the system is totally waterlogged, the formulation in Part A of QwikSeal® is designed to remove any moisture in the system.

QwikProducts™ life testing (with QwikSeal® Part B and 100 PPM moisture added) has already surpassed thousands of hours of continuous operation without any failures. While this life testing is continuing, the testing to date has already far exceeded the time that is necessary for the leak sealant to react with moisture in the system and potentially seal an expansion device or create wear particles in the lubricant. At this time both R-22 and R-410A systems have been running (with QwikSeal® Part B and 100 PPM moisture added) for thousands of hours of continuous operation with no observed degradation of the lubricant.

QwikProducts™ developed QwikSeal® with two goals in mind: provide a product that streamlines the leak sealing process (by including a drying agent) and make it available as a lower-cost alternative to the products already on the market.

It is important to note that all the manufacturers, including Mainstream Engineering, agree that the use of a leak sealant is a last resort, when all other attempts to find a leak have failed, and these leak sealants should best be used on old systems that are not worth investing too much money to repair. Never add a leak sealer to a new system as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Contact QwikProducts™ at 321.631.3550 to locate a stocking distributor near you or visit www.qwik.com for more information on QwikSeal® and other innovative, affordable products.