RectorSeal® Named Master Distributor for Duckt-Strip® Ductless Cable

April 28, 2023

Houston, TX, April 21, 2023– RectorSeal LLC., a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R and plumbing products, is excited to announce that it is now a master distributor of Duckt-Strip cable for ductless HVAC systems. RectorSeal is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials, Inc. [NASDAQ: CSWI].

Manufactured in the United States, Duckt-Strip is a ductless power and communications cable offering complete end-to-end conductor isolation that provides power (AC to DC) and control from the condenser to the indoor unit from a single cable. Using a single cable provides HVAC technicians with a faster, safer, and more cost-effective ductless installation than multiple cable applications. Duckt-Strip is National Electric Code (NEC) Article 725.136 compliant and UL listed for in-the-wall and through-the-wall installations. Electrical inspectors have shown a notable preference for ductless installations using Duckt-Strip.

Duckt-Strip features innovative Rip-N-Strip™, a patented technology with grooves designed for easy cable insulation separation and removal. Further, it eliminates the need to use strippers, knives, or cutters when installing the cable. All conductors are covered with a gray and yellow PVC jacket that is sunlight resistant, outdoor rated, and direct-buried approved.

“RectorSeal is proud to be a master distributor of Duckt-Strip ductless cable. The product reinforces our ability to provide a holistic portfolio of products that make installing ductless systems safer, easier, and affordable,” said Stephanie Welda, Director of Product Marketing, RectorSeal. “Our customers expect the best products, and Duckt-Strip aligns with that goal.” Duckt-Strip availability and pricing will be shared directly with RectorSeal distributors.

Since 1937, RectorSeal has offered products that have built a steadily growing and loyal following among contractors due to differentiated and proven product

performance. Further, the company is often the first to tackle and solve challenges professional trade contractors face.

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RectorSeal, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials, Inc. [NASDAQ: CSWI], is a leading provider of quality solutions for the professional trades serving heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC/R), plumbing, electrical, and construction markets. For more information about RectorSeal’s innovative products and brands that increase efficiency and improve reliability, please visit www.RectorSeal.com.

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