Remembering Steve Taliancich of A/C Supply, Inc.

August 20, 2019

Editor’s note: Steve and Jeanie were my next-door neighbors at one time. In my opinion, finer people do not exist. Steve has been a friend for almost fifty years. He will be missed.

Steve Taliancich
Steve Taliancich

Steve graduated from St. Ann Elementary School in 1956, St. Aloysius High School in 1960, and Delgado Community College in 1965. He attended LSUNO in 1961 and 62. Steve was a Charter Member of the WWII Museum and of the Audubon Nature Institute Aquarium. More importantly, Steve was a devoted husband to his lovely wife Jeanie Taliancich for 54 years. Jeanie and Steve met at Paradise Bowling Alley in Mid City prior to their engagement. Jeanie tells the story about buying Steve a beer with her first paycheck from Paradise Bowling Alley and later stating, “she will see him again someday in Paradise.” Stephen Samuel Taliancich departed from this side of heaven on June 13, 2019.

Neil Bertucci, Sr. has many fond memories regarding Steve and he often referred to him as “his brother from another mother.” Neil revisited the many fun days serving on the membership council of the ARW Association with Steve.

Kirk McGovern shared some of his feelings saying, “We will always remember Steve Taliancich as a founding member of A/C Supply, Inc. Steve will be greatly missed by every member of the A/C Supply Family. Mr. George Bertucci along with Steve T. started A/C Supply 43 years ago on May 10th, 1976. Steve had worked with Mr. George at Mechanical Supply prior to A/C Supply’s founding. Steve had a combined 57 years of service working alongside the Bertucci family. Steve was considered a refrigerant expert throughout his professional career, and he assisted in many of the functions that made A/C Supply a successful wholesale distributor. Steve was the Senior Vice President of A/C Supply, Inc., where he worked as a mentor for many of us. Steve would daily share his vast knowledge from his experiences in the HVAC industry. When it came to crunching numbers, Steve could generally give the answers to the mathematical equations before the rest of us could calculate them on our phones or other devices.”

Kirk added, “Along with the many work experiences we shared together, I would like to say that Steve, at 77, was one of the coolest and hippest guys around. He always had a huge passion for New Orleans. He was “NOLA COOL.” Steve enjoyed the many festivals and many restaurants that were a part of the city. He especially enjoyed Mandina’s Restaurant on Canal Street. We will never forget Steve T. at A/C Supply, Inc. When we sell refrigerant today and for the many years to come, we will think of him, and we will remember him during the special event days throughout the year as well. How awesome it was to have such a wise man to work with and learn from for 35 years. He embodied the ‘Loyalty and Legacy’ that we should all aspire to achieve.”

Mr. McGovern concluded, “Help Keep Heaven Cool S.T. as you wear that 1942 Pelicans baseball cap slightly jacked to the right.”