RGF Environmental Group Is Helping America Get Back to Business

June 05, 2020

RGF® Environmental Group, Inc., a Florida-based environmental design and manufacturing company, is partnering with businesses nationwide in an effort to help them open their doors post-COVID 19. Businesses across America are installing RGF’s REME HALO, an in-duct air purifier, to remove impurities such as viruses and bacteria from the air. RGF is proud to manufacture and supply this product to help businesses across the country provide a safer environment for not only their employees, but their customers as well.

RGF REME HALOCycleBar, the world’s first and largest indoor cycling franchise, utilizes the REME HALO solution in various locations throughout the United States. “We are going to extreme measures to keep people healthy,” said John Janszen, owner of multiple CycleBar studios in Ohio. “I don’t understand how any business can run without a REME HALO; it should be mandatory.”

REME HALOs and RGF’s Microcon® 600 units will soon be installed in Lightbridge Academy centers, an early education and child care franchise system. RGF was eager to partner with the franchise in an effort to help children and staff to stay healthy and enabling parents to get back to work.

“As we look to the future, we are implementing enhanced health & safety measures and solutions that we can rely on,” said Lightbridge Academy COO and President, Gigi Schweikert. “The Microcon units are the gold standard in air purification and filtration. As The Solution for Working Parents®, Lightbridge Academy knows that they need to feel confident we have invested in the best technology available to maintain a healthy environment for their children.”

Not only is the REME HALO being installed in gyms, daycares and restaurants – it is also being used in office buildings, public transit networks, government and military facilities, assisted living, hospitals and dentist offices nationwide. As front-line workers continue to risk their lives to keep us healthy and phase one workers start to open up America again, RGF is working to keep their workplaces virus-free.

“You won’t even know that this purification process is happening when you walk in the office, but rest assured it is,” said Dr. Nick Ciardiello, DMD. “We are taking this very seriously and will do everything we can to keep our patients safe.”