Astrid von Oetinger of RGF with one of the residents at Ski Dubai’s penguin encounter.
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RGF’s Guardian Air Protects Penguins in Dubai

February 28, 2019

RGF Environmental Group LLC., a leading manufacturer of air, water, and food purification systems, expands their global reach with a solution for a unique application, Ski Dubai’s penguin encounter. Ski Dubai is an indoor mountain-themed winter ski resort located in Dubai, U.A.E., which houses over 30 Gentoo and King penguins. To make sure their penguins, trainers, and visitors are breathing the best air possible, RGF’s Guardian Air units were installed by our distribution and installation partner, Al Arif Air Conditioning Systems LLC.

Astrid von Oetinger of RGF with one of the residents at Ski Dubai’s penguin encounter.
Astrid von Oetinger of RGF with one of the residents at Ski Dubai’s penguin encounter.

“What these types of exhibits require is a non-chemical solution to manage bacteria, viruses, and odors within the habitats” said Liju Thomas Eapen, Managing Director for Al Arif A/C Systems LLC. “The Guardian Air purifies the air with the same process that nature uses to cleanse the air outside. This process gently, yet proactively purifies the air without it needing to pass through the HVAC system.”

Guardian Air purification systems have been used in applications all over the world from Australia to Grand Cayman and work to purify the environments of many different animals including turtles and polar bears. This technology is used in unique applications such as zoos, rescues, and aquariums and also in homes and businesses where an alternative to using harsh chemicals for odor and microbial mitigation is desired.

About Al Arif Air Conditioning Systems LLC

Al Arif Air-Conditioning Systems LLC was established in 2004 as a service provider for the air conditioning industry in Dubai. The company has grown into a well-established MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) contractor in UAE offering specialized HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) solutions with products for air purification, including high efficiency, low-noise fan coil units and practical energy recovery systems. They are a total solution provider in the design, installation and commissioning of MEP systems and services. Al Arif Décor, its sister company, is a reputed interiors and soft furnishing company based in Dubai, proudly serving the UAE community since 1995.

About RGF Environmental Group, Inc.

RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products and has a 33+ year history of providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. RGF is an ISO 9001:2015 certified research and innovation company, holding numerous patents for wastewater treatment systems, air purifying devices, and food sanitation systems. Situated in the heart of the Port of Palm Beach Enterprise Zone, RGF Headquarters span 7.5 acres, with 106,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office facilities. RGF has recently upgraded their facilities, creating an increased vertical approach to manufacturing, further allowing the company to provide the highest quality and best engineered products on the market.

For more information, go to or contact RGF Environmental Group, Inc. 1101 West 13th Street, The Port of Palm Beach Enterprise Zone, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 USA Tel: (561) 848-1826 or (800) 842-7771; Fax (561) 848-9454.