GREE Solar panels

Gree Leads the Way in Solar VRF Technology

March 01, 2019

Renewable energy and solar power innovation are fast becoming buzzwords in the HVAC industry. Many manufacturers have adopted solar powered heating and air conditioning equipment and the trend is not going away. In 2014, Gree managed to pair energy efficient technologies and environmental protection by launching the world’s first solar powered VRF system. Gree is committed to innovation and their vision “for the cleaner sky and the greener earth.”

GREE Solar panelsThe Gree Photovoltaic All DC Inverter VRF (SOLAR GMV registered by GREE) utilizes photovoltaic (PV) technology that captures sunlight to generate electric power. The Gree system adopts PV direct driven technology by using the direct current generated from the PV panel. The system has five working modes based on the status of photovoltaic power generation and the operation of the VRF. These include “Air Conditioning Mode” when PV power is not generated and the system operates as a traditional VRF using grid power. When the VRF stops operating the system and PV power is being generated this power is sent to the grid in “Photovoltaic Power Generation Mode.” At zero electric charge in “Photovoltaic Air Conditioning Mode” the power consumption of the VRF is equivalent to the PV power being generated.

There is a simultaneous “Photovoltaic Air Conditioning & Power Generation Mode” when the PV power is greater than the VRF power demand and the residual power is sent to the grid. The last is the “Photovoltaic Air Conditioning & Power Consumption Mode” when the PV power is less than the VRF required power and additional power is drawn from the grid.

The SOLAR GMV is quickly becoming the smart choice for maximizing energy efficiency. Single phase “mini” VRF condensers are available in 3 thru 5-ton capacities while three phase capacities range from 6 to 10 tons. The Gree solar panels have a life span of 30 years. Since the launch the Gree PV All DC Inverter VRF has also received the first UL Certificate for Solar VRF in 2017. At the beginning of 2018, Gree announced the world’s largest solar VRF project in Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix Mart, over 4,200 tons. Today, through partnerships with Gree, Lantz Technologies Group and Steve Lee & Associates, there are many designs for applying SOLAR GMV in multiple locations for a national manufacturing company. With our experience and support, we can help you assist your clients with this unsurpassed technology that is changing this planet and how we live,” states Jason Lynn, Vice President of Lantz Technologies Group.

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