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RMJ Supply Announces Distribution Agreement with Leading Dehumidifier Manufacturer DryGair

August 30, 2022

RMJ Supply (“RMJ” or “Company”), a solutions-focused distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies providing a single-source solution for the CEA industry, announced today that it has reached an agreement to distribute DryGair Energies Ltd., a world leader in dehumidifier equipment solutions.

Mike Kupferman, CEO of RMJ Supply

Through the agreement, RMJ now offers preferred access to DryGair’s line of dehumidifiers designed for greenhouses and nurseries, grow rooms, drying rooms, hydroponics and vertical farms, focusing on its DG-X 60Hz system. DryGair solutions were developed to address growers’ needs to reduce energy consumption and costs and improve the environmental footprint of the CEA sector. The DG-X unit is dedicated to indoor cultivation, small greenhouses and drying rooms and features all the advantages of the larger DryGair dehumidifiers with 4.2 G/H of water extraction and ~4,000 CFM air circulation. The DG-X 60Hz system is designed as a cube and can be hung, wheeled, or placed between plants, making it ideal for indoor facilities and small greenhouses where space is limited and shared with other components. It is GMP compliant and includes a digital display and screen controller.

Pairing RMJ’s deep understanding of the needs of CEA customers with DryGair’s horticultural and engineering knowledge and experience, the partnership between the companies creates a synergistic approach to addressing dehumidification in mid- and large-scale cultivation operations. The companies share a vision of empowering growers to operate in the most efficient ways, in one part by offering actionable insights through educational resources such as published papers and research.

“Humidity control in a cultivation facility is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring a healthy crop and finished product free of mold and other contaminants, and we believe the DryGair solution is one of the best on the market to address this critical need,” said Mike Kupferman, CEO of RMJ Supply. “DryGair’s solutions offer a range of applications beyond dehumidification. Their ability to customize solutions to the specific needs of a facility creates a unique opportunity for other cost savings, such as using the system’s piping configuration as heating and cooling components. This is just another example of the flexibility and benefits of these solutions. Adding DryGair to our extensive list of preferred suppliers only further expands the benefits we can offer to our customers in terms of best-in-class equipment procurement, lead time, and pricing.”

“We are always looking for experienced partners like RMJ to bring DryGair products to larger audiences and this relationship does just that,” said Rona Orlicky, CEO of DryGair. “When DryGair was established in 2010, we set out to design, develop and market an efficient and environmentally friendly dehumidification solution for horticultural projects of all sizes. Since then, DryGair has been leading the horticulture humidity control market, specializing in dehumidification and humidity monitoring. With sustainability being one of our leading values, DryGair provides one of the most effective means to reduce energy consumption in horticulture. This, among many other values, aligns perfectly with RMJ’s vision of creating sustainable and efficient cultivation operations and we look forward to working with them on many of their upcoming projects.”

DryGair solutions are highly efficient, offer clinical control integration and automation, 360° air dispersal for climate uniformity, and complete flexibility through split units offering dynamic and customizable positioning. The use of DryGair equipment helps growers save as much as 50% on energy when compared to traditional humidity control methods. Its patented air circulation concept keeps uniform climate conditions throughout the growing space, requiring less heating or cooling, less fanning and even less dehumidification, further increasing energy savings. The equipment helps to prevent diseases by eliminating humidity and reducing condensation.

For more information or to contact an RMJ expert to discuss how DryGair solutions can improve efficiencies and reduce costs at cultivation facilities, please visit https://rmjsupply.com/drygair-dehumidifiers/

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