Right-left: Stanley Mickelson, William Obin, Russell Robinson, David Martin, Jim Barney.

Robinson Plumbing and Heating Supply Co. 65th Year Anniversary

November 11, 2019

Since 1954, Robinson Supply has been providing plumbing and HVAC products to Contractors throughout New England. The Robinson Team is extremely proud to announce that 2019 marks our 65th Year Anniversary of being in business. In order to comprehend this adventure, you must learn of the beginning of the voyage.
In May of 1954, Rudy Robinson, working by himself, founded Robinson Plumbing and Heating Supply Co. Inc. Rudy conducted all the sales and distribution solely.

Right-left: Stanley Mickelson, William Obin, Russell Robinson, David Martin, Jim Barney.
Right-left: Stanley Mickelson, William Obin, Russell Robinson, David Martin, Jim Barney.

He would have certain hours set aside when the shop would be open and other hours when he would be using his station wagon to call on customers or deliver material. Within a year he had acquired such major lines as Universal-Rundle plumbing fixtures and Utica cast-iron boilers. In 1984, we established our headquarters on 195 Broadway, Fall River, Massachusetts.

In 1967 Rudy’s son, Russell Robinson, joined the organization and is our current President. Leading the charge in all departments, Russell Robinson’s sales techniques were unparalleled to anyone in the field. Obtaining a degree in psychology, Russell has a profound sense of interpreting emotions. Sharing his skills of communicating and listening, with an emphasis on being honest, Russell has grown and maintained one of the best sales forces in New England.

Throughout our expansion period from 1980 through the 2000’s, Russell brought on four key members, all of which currently reside in their roles today: Jim Barney (Sales Manager), David Martin (Director of Sales), William Obin (Director of Operations), and Stanley Mickelson (Director of Showrooms). Today, Robinson has grown to seven branches employing over 100 people.

Russell’s primary focus was looking for new markets and expanding the current product lines. Russell called on prospected accounts in the neighboring areas of New Bedford, MA and Newport, RI. Russell has expanded the operation to cover Boston’s South and North Shore, Metro West Mass, Cape Cod, Nantucket, the State of Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Today, our Headquarters remains in Fall River, MA as well as full service locations in Plainville MA, Hyannis MA, Woburn MA, Avon MA, Cranston Rhode Island, and East Hartford Connecticut. Our years of success has proven our company’s commitment to serve our customers with the best customer service.

Russell realized early on that there was a tremendous demand to satisfy the retail trade so the “Bath Splash Showroom” was born. Selling premium brands at competitive pricing, our Trademark slogan “Style at Deep Discounted Pricing“ was adopted.

Today there are three award winning magnificent showrooms professionally designed and staffed by a highly trained sales staff in each location, totaling over 13,000 sq. ft.!!

Offering a robust product selection of the world’s most pronounced kitchen and bath brands, our Bath Splash Showrooms have dominated local markets with the perception and guarantee of premium products. Our team is available for homeowners to answer any questions and demonstrate all of our products on display. Our Bath Splash product lines are continually growing so that there is something for every style preference.

Since we opened our doors in 1954, Robinson Supply has grown from a Plumbing Wholesaler to a Market Leader in HVAC. We have experienced an amazing 27 years of Success with Goodman Manufacturing. We are a proud recipient of the Harold V. Goodman Award, recognizing our continual commitment to excellence as a HVAC distributor for Amana, Daikin, and Goodman. In addition to Daikin Corporation, Robinson Supply has a long-standing relationship with the following brands: Utica Boilers, First Co., QuietFlex, LG Ductless, Unico, Luk Jan, Lima, TOTO, American Water Heaters, Honeywell Home, and many others.

In the current year of 2019, we remain the largest Goodman and Amana distributor in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We have an immense amount of pride in being the exclusive Amana Distributor in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. With a strong core of 8 Territory Managers, 7 branches, and over 35 trucks, we have grown and maintained our exclusive right for the Amana Brand. With our expert sales force and focus on providing customer service, we obtain new customers regularly, while maintaining our overall growth year, in our market segments.

From 1954 until 2019, Our Mission Statement remains the same: “We at the Robinson Supply Co. are committed to excellence. We are a team of energetic and positive people who strive to provide superior service in all aspects of our business. It is through the eyes and minds of our employees that we look to the future. We consider these people and their ideas to be our most valuable asset.”

Their dedication to service is unparalleled. With positive attitude, we continue to seek constant growth and improvement. We strive for, earn, and maintain a respect throughout our industry that is second to none.

We pride ourselves on our decades of service to our customers and our community. Customer satisfaction will forever remain our truest measure of success.”
Thank you, Russell Robinson.