Ronnie Watts Will Be Missed

March 24, 2021

Ronnie Watts, born in Hammond and resident of Gonzales, passed away on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at the age of 67. He owned and managed Glenn Baker’s HTG and A/C Company.

Ronald Lee “Ronnie” Watts 1952 – 2020

Ronnie, or “Big Ronnie” as known by many, started in the HVAC business in 1971 fresh out of high school for Mr. Glenn Baker as a helper. After advancing to service manager and getting hitched in 1977, he started his own business in 1980; he eventually purchased the Glenn Baker’s HTG and A/C Company from Mr. Mike Baker in 1989. Still to this day the name remains Glenn Baker’s HTG and A/C Company.

This was when A/c’s only had a contactors, relays, and mercury bulbs. Big Ronnie served on many HVAC advisory boards and served as a Bryant Gold Medallion Advisory Board member for 3 years to help improve products.

He often touted how hard he worked when he was a younger man, which I’m sure was the case. However, when you walked into his office the walls were adorned pictures of years of his son’s team’s photos where he was the coach. He looked like a HVAC Mike Ditka. Point being, with all the hard work he made time for his family, which was the most important thing to him. One could hardly get through a conversation with him, without him bragging about his family. Big Ronnie’s main goal was to hand the business down to his son Derrick, he reached that goal and his son is making him proud today.

Big Ronnie will be missed from this industry he helped mold (not an IAQ Pun). God Bless him and his family.