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Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air CEO Pens Autobiography

September 30, 2022

Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air co-founder and CEO John Akhoian has written a new autobiography entitled, “Temporarily Broken: The John Akhoian Story,” that delves into the decisions he made to turn away from a life of crime and drugs and toward a future that now includes owning the largest privately-held plumbing company in California.

John Akhoian

“This isn’t a book about how to succeed in business,” Akhoian said. “This is a book about how to not screw up your life. My teen years were a time when I needed my father the most, but he had passed away and wasn’t there to get me off the streets and away from illegal activity. I had to make hard decisions to do that myself.”

His father died of a heart attack when the younger Akhoian was just 17 years old and left a physical, emotional and financial void within the family. Akhoian’s life began on a downward spiral as he hung out on the streets, ran with gang members and faced poverty.

But, after learning the plumbing trade from a family friend who hired him shortly after his father died, Akhoian took his earnings and parlayed them into a series of home service franchises. He eventually helped co-found Rooter Hero, a plumbing and HVAC company serving residential and commercial locations in California and Arizona, and today is a successful industry leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and father.

His other books, “How I Grew my Residential Service Company to $50 million in 9 Years,” “The Secret to Real Wealth,” “Creating 99 Millionaires” and “Values First” focus on how to succeed in business and generate wealth. However, with “Temporarily Broken,” Akhoian concentrates on the personal decision-making and determination necessary to pull oneself out of poverty and adversity.

“This book allowed me to share my darkest memories to show people that you can change and change for the better,” he said. “I hope that this can inspire others who are down on their luck or making bad decisions to turn their lives around.”

The book is available on Amazon and was recently released on its audiobook platform, Audible.

About John Akhoian

John Akhoian is CEO of Rooter Hero, a plumbing and drain company serving California and Arizona. His mission is to help others maximize their careers and live fulfilling, comfortable lives. In addition to his work at Rooter Hero, Akhoian is an author, industry leader and philanthropist.

About Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air

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