Debi and Bob Case conducting the Zoom presentation.
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SFACA Kicks Off 2021 with Virtual General Meeting in January

February 01, 2021

The South Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SFACA) kicked off their 2021 general meetings with a virtual presentation from Bob and Debi Case of The Case Team on January 13, 2021.

Titled “Plan your business…12 Weeks at a time,” the presentation was based on the premise that if businesses applied the same focus on operating throughout the year as they do at year’s end, they would be much more successful.

Researchers Brian Moran and

Debi and Bob Case conducting the Zoom presentation.
Debi and Bob Case conducting the Zoom presentation.

Michael Lennington established that if the same principles of planning and execution typical of usual year-end scrambling are implemented throughout the entire year in 12-week segments, businesses can create marked increases in both production and productivity. Therefore, each calendar year must be broken down into 12 week “Year End” segments and viewed by both owners and employees as “years”. This presentation provided viewers with insights on an operational model based on these principles. Don’t settle for anything less than the life you are capable of.

“Creating that year end urgency each quarter causes you and your staff to think differently,” Debi stated. “It is important that your whole staff buys in. It reduces mistakes, certainly saves time and creates accountability.”

Debi stressed the importance of creating and delegating a realistic, detailed operating plan and tracking performance every quarter, down to daily tasks and progress.

The Case Team originated within Merrill Lynch where Bob and his team accounted for more than 2% of Merrill’s business nationwide. Now operating independently since 2006, The Case Team can provide assistance in finance, cash flow, operations, production, exit planning and more. Their “out of the box” approach to business gives their clients additional profitability options and accomplish results that may not be resolved through traditional mainstream paths.

Contact The case Team by calling Debi at 954-557-2299 or Bob at 954-416-6260. Visit for more information.

Visit the SFACA website at for upcoming events and to join the association. Reach SFACA Executive Director Stacey Miller by calling 954-295-3312 or emailing