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Shannon Enterprises Offers Acoustic Shield to Reduce Industrial Noise, Improve Safety

May 13, 2019

Shannon Enterprises of W.N.Y., Inc., the world-leading designer and maker of reusable thermal and acoustic insulation, has developed a closed-cell, affordable insulation system called the Acoustic Shield to reduce sound emanating from heating, cooling and power-generating components found at schools and medical campuses, onboard marine vessels, inside manufacturing facilities and near retail and residential locations.

Shannon Enterprise Acoustic ShieldShannon introduced its Acoustic Shield to give engineers, specifiers and facility managers a high-value offering for insulating compressors, pumps, ducting, motors and more. When a noise reduction of, say, 5 dBA at a distance of 1 meter from a component will suffice, the Acoustic Shield is an economical alternative to Shannon’s more robust Acoustic Blanket Insulation.

“The technology and design for our Acoustic Shield mirrors the features we use for our Acoustic Blanket Insulation,” said Frank Kovacs, president of Shannon. “Our top-of-the line acoustic blanket insulation has reduced noise by up to 15 dBA at a distance of 1 meter from chillers and compressors. That level of sound reduction isn’t always called for, so we introduced our Acoustic Shield.”

Shannon produces its shield with a CAD/CNC technology and tailors each Acoustic Shield to match any component or surface condition. The Shannon specification for the Acoustic Shield is LT300AS.

Along with reducing noise, Shannon manufactures the Acoustic Shield in a way that allows operators to easily install the product on any application and access, inspect, service or repair insulated components.

Every Acoustic Shield effectively reduces unwanted and harmful noise from work environments, and Shannon manufactures each shield to last 15 years with payback periods ranging six to 24 months. Each shield is OSHA-compliant and ASTM-tested.

Facility managers can use the Acoustic Shield outdoors and indoors, and easily remove and replace the product at will.

About Shannon Enterprises of W.N.Y. Inc.

Shannon engineers and manufactures insulation products such as blanket insulation, insulation jackets and insulation covers. For 30 years, Shannon has developed insulation solutions for energy conservation, thermal efficiency, noise reduction and safety. Using a CAD-CNC-ERP approach in design and manufacturing, Shannon is the worldwide market leader. For more information, visit