Shurtape floor marking tapes

Shurtape Floor Marking Tapes for Social Distancing

June 04, 2020

We know the current situation is changing rapidly… and tapes are being relied upon in social distancing efforts.

So, we have a ffew suggestions about which floor marking tapes work best in high-traffic conditions and how to apply them to help you maintain a safe working space and social distancing best practices.

Shurtape floor marking tapesWe understand that masking tape, duct tape and other tapes might be the only options available to you at the time, but here are some tapes that are purpose-built for floor marking and are designed to last through thorough cleaning, withstand high traffic and help reduce the need to reapply over time.

High-Traffic Area Floor Marking Tapes

  • VP 415 – Warning stripe tape; meets OSHA requirements for hazard markings.
  • VP410 – Line set tape offering UV resistance and a variety of colors.
  • PE 100 – FloorMate® Temporary Floor Tape for use on properly prepared and cured wood floor finishes.

High-Vis and Temporary Marking Options

  • PC 619 – Specialty grade cloth duct tape in fluorescent colors for indoor use.
  • CP 631 – General purpose grade, medium-high adhesion colored masking tape that is approved for arts and crafts against LHAMA requirements.

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