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CASE STUDY: Chaffin Air Conditioning Relies on Venstar Thermostats and Sensors to Protect Valuable Cannabis Crops

CHALLENGE: Maintain Temperatures and Humidity in Cannabis Grow Rooms

Environmental controls are essential to ensuring successful crops. CBD production requires a very expensive and complex growing process. The plants need specific daytime and nighttime temperatures as well as consistent humidity to maintain the balance needed for a quality product. One environmental deviation could potentially lose the entire crop.

Patrick Chaffin, owner of Chaffin Air, works closely with a Southern California-based cannabis grower with a large facility encompassing dozens of growing rooms. Each room is 900–1,200 square feet and is managed by the grower’s facility managers.

“Using Skyport, we can remotely control the ColorTouch thermostats to maintain proper temperature and humidity to ensure the health of the crop." - Patrick Chaffin, Owner Chaffin Air
“Using Skyport, we can remotely control the ColorTouch thermostats to maintain proper temperature and humidity to ensure the health of the crop.” – Patrick Chaffin, Owner Chaffin Air

The grower was looking for an HVAC energy management system that would:

  • Enable remote monitoring of HVAC equipment
  • Control humidity and temperatures in the grow rooms
  • Enable remote control of thermostats using a single mobile app
  • Provide an affordable solution to solve the energy management challenges
  • Have one brand of thermostat to control all types of HVAC systems

SOLUTION: Venstar ColorTouch Thermostats and Remote Temperature Sensors

Chaffin recommended ColorTouch connected Wi-Fi® thermostats (Model T8900) and Venstar Remote Temperature Sensors (Model ACC-TSENWIFI), which are remotely controlled by the Skyport Mobile App.

Chaffin Air installed more than 100 ColorTouch thermostats at the grower’s facility. Each grow room has six ColorTouch thermostats. Three thermostats control the air conditioning units with steam humidifiers while the other three thermostats control de-humidification units. In addition, Venstar’s sensors were installed in the grow rooms to monitor and ensure exact temperatures.

The grow rooms operate on 12-hour cycles: 12 hours dark and 12 hours light. During the dark hours, the temperature is maintained at 75–78 degrees. Within 30 seconds of the lights coming on, the temperature can reach 100 degrees.

“Controlling the temperature and humidity creates the perfect growing environment.” - Patrick Chaffin, Owner, Chaffin Air
“Controlling the temperature and humidity creates the perfect growing environment.” – Patrick Chaffin, Owner, Chaffin Air

“Venstar gives us all the functions in one product. Its extensive controls enable the facility managers to adjust to the slightest environmental changes so that each room is its own little managed chemistry lab,” Chaffin said.

RESULTS: Double Production Output Time, Increased Profits

Using Venstar’s solution to control the temperature and humidity in its grow rooms, the grower is able to produce a crop in half the time as a non-controlled growing environment. This faster production time as well as the reduction in lost crops helps the grower increase profits.

Benefits of the Venstar solution include:

  • An affordable alternative to an expensive HVAC energy management system
  • Remote monitoring and control of temperatures and humidity
  • Reliability to ensure the proper environmental conditions
  • Ability to remotely view the system and energy usage

About ColorTouch

Venstar offers six models of its award-winning ColorTouch smart programmable residential and commercial thermostats. ColorTouch models have a multi-functional, simple-to-use touchscreen that offers programming, overrides and security features. 

About Venstar Skyport Cloud Services

Venstar’s free Skyport Cloud Services allow users of Venstar’s Wi-Fi thermostats to use Venstar’s free Skyport Mobile App on their Apple iOS® and Android™ mobile devices or directly from the Web to instantly access and control multiple thermostats at numerous locations.

About Chaffin Air

Founded in 1949, Chaffin Air is a family-operated heating and air conditioning company based in Cathedral City, California.

About Venstar

Founded in 1992, Venstar Inc. is a leading thermostat and energy management system (EMS) manufacturer, known for providing value to its customers via ease of use and installation, proven cost savings, improved energy efficiency, quality and reliability. Venstar is one of the largest thermostat suppliers in the world and designs and produces Venstar-branded products, as well as OEM thermostat products for the biggest names in HVAC. Venstar’s Surveyor is a leading energy management system, typically saving small-box retailers 25–35 percent of their energy costs, which translates to tens of millions of dollars in savings each year and dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions. Surveyor currently controls the energy usage of 30,000+ retail locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

For more information contact Venstar by email at sales@venstar.com  , telephone (818) 341-8760, or visit www.Venstar.com.