Snook & Aderton HVAC Supply Introduces All-Inclusive Pricing: Free Domestic Shipping Now Included

June 20, 2024

Lubbock, TX, – Snook & Aderton HVAC Supply, a leading wholesaler and distributor of HVAC parts and equipment based in Lubbock, Texas, is thrilled to announce a transformative shift in its pricing model. Starting today, the company will include shipping costs in the listed prices for all products sold on its website, snookhvac.com. This change ensures that what customers see is what they pay, with no added shipping fees for U.S. domestic customers.

“We are excited to roll out this new pricing model as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction,” said Zach Maldonado, COO of Snook & Aderton HVAC Supply. “By incorporating shipping costs into our product prices, we simplify the purchasing process, providing transparency and value to our customers.”

The new pricing structure, effective immediately, applies to the entire range of HVAC products available on snookhvac.com. This includes over 300,000 items from renowned brands such as Champion, Honeywell, and Reznor. Whether customers are purchasing a high-capacity unit or a small replacement part, they will now enjoy the convenience of a single, all-inclusive price, eliminating the complexity and surprise of additional shipping charges at checkout.

A Bold Step in Customer-Centric Service

Recognizing that shipping costs can often deter customers or complicate purchasing decisions, Snook & Aderton aims to streamline the buying process with this initiative. The company acknowledges that absorbing the shipping costs, particularly for smaller items, may lead to a marginal loss on some orders. However, they believe the overall customer experience and satisfaction outweigh this consideration.“Providing a seamless and straightforward shopping experience is at the heart of our decision,” added Maldonado. “We want our customers to have complete confidence in their purchases, knowing there are no hidden fees. This move underscores our dedication to putting our customers first.”

About Snook & Aderton HVAC Supply

Founded in 1948, Snook & Aderton HVAC Supply has established itself as a premier supplier of HVAC equipment and parts, serving both local and national markets. With a robust catalog of high-quality products and a reputation for exceptional customer service, the company continues to innovate and expand its reach. Snook & Aderton’s recent transition to an online store marks a new chapter, offering enhanced accessibility and convenience to its diverse customer base.


Zach Maldonado
COO, Snook & Aderton HVAC Supply
(806) 763-9323

For more details, visit snookhvac.com.