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Solar Sightings in Lake Charles and Hattiesburg

Lake Charles

At the Solar Supply store located at 317 East Lagrange in lake Charles the crew were talking up their support of the Luxaire brand of central air conditioning equipment.

Shay Hanks, Paul Brame, Shane Griffiths and Blake Thibodeaux in Lake Charles
Shay Hanks, Paul Brame, Shane Griffiths and
Blake Thibodeaux in Lake Charles

Store manager Paul Brame said “We don’t just like Luxaire because it is a quality piece of equipment and has been for a very long time. We like to represent a brand that supports organizations like the ‘Make a Wish’ foundation. When you can take children diagnosed with critical illnesses and bring happiness into their world, it makes you feel good about yourself. We like that Luxaire partners with ‘Make a Wish’. ”

Blake Thibodeaux stays more with his view that the superior quality of the equipment is what he likes about selling it, while Shay Hanks commented “I get such great support from the factory in my dealings with Luxaire. I know that they care about me and especially, I know they care about my dealers. That’s very important to me.”
Shane Griffiths keeps things very simple when he says” I like representing Luxaire because our customers love it and I like to see my customers ‘happy’.”


Tyler Dossett, Larry Dubose and Casey Ivy in Hattiesburg
Tyler Dossett, Larry Dubose and Casey Ivy in Hattiesburg

In the Hattiesburg store located at 401 Providence Street, Larry Dubose, Tyler Dossett and Casey Ivy were extolling the virtues of their ComfortStar mini split line. Larry Dubose explained “We sell a lot of mini split systems at our branch, more than any other Solar branch. There are so many advantages to using a mini split system. Advances in inverter technology have made mini-split heat pump systems among the most efficient heating and air conditioning systems on the market today. Inverter technology allows us to modulate the frequency of a compressor according to the heat load of the conditioned space. This allows the compressor to reduce the amount of work it does to reach a desired set point temperature.”

Casey Ivy added “This also results in longer compressor life and most importantly, a decrease in energy usage and an increase in energy savings. Other great features are that no ductwork is needed, that you get zone control, and that you get very quiet unit operation both inside and outside. Homeowners really like that.”
Tyler Dossett finalized “Mini-splits are perfect for older buildings that have no room for duct work or existing building with hot or cold areas caused by uneven air distribution. Mini splits solve problems and they fit both residential and light commercial applications. They are perfect for residential additions, schools and churches.”