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Solar Supply in Gretna Has the VP85

The Solar Supply team in Harvey, Russell Prejeant, Lionel Pendleton, Warren Daniels, and Lauren Blanchard feel very strongly about their VP85 Fieldpiece vacuum pumps. Russell started by saying “Fieldpiece is leading the field in properly performing system evacuations with its new vacuum pumps that have the ‘RunQuick™ Oil Change System.’ We like the 8 CFM best of all because it has a smart variable speed dc motor which makes evacuating a unit easier and faster.”

Warren Daniels, Lionel Pendleton, Russell Prejeant and Lauren Blanchard
Warren Daniels, Lionel Pendleton,
Russell Prejeant and Lauren Blanchard

Lionel added, “Our customers know that good oil is a key ingredient of every evacuation. With the VP85 you can clearly view your vacuum pump oil through the huge backlit oil reservoir window to see the condition of the oil. No more guesswork and best of all when it is time to change the oil, you can replace it in under 20 seconds, even while the pump is running and without losing your vacuum.”

Warren continued, “Our customers tell us they like the extra wide base because it helps prevent tipping and spilling oil. They also like the four ‘in line’ ports that handle three different size hoses. It will handle a 1/4”, a 1/2” and two 3/8” hoses.”

Lauren wrapped it up by saying “the days of messy vacuum pump oil changes are over. The Fieldpiece pump oil comes in 8 oz containers for the 20 second oil changes or you can buy it in quarts or gallons if you like doing it the old fashion way. The VP85 has a wide fill port to still help eliminate any mess.”

Stop by and see the Fieldpiece VP85 at 728 15th Street in Gretna or call at 504-362-9019.